Lack of BRT's safety measures alarms road users

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- The implementing authority of the BRT Line-3 has so far spent Tk 5.57 crore for ensuring safety at the project site, but it has failed to do so. The deaths of five people in August ar... Read More

Cricket Australia sorry for child sex abuse

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- Cricket Australia apologised to child sex abuse survivors on Monday and called for more action to address the "appalling issue" in the sport in the country. The sport's national body ... Read More

Football Australia vows to punish Nazi salutes at final

Dhaka, Oct. 3 -- Football Australia vowed on Sunday to act swiftly against fans accused of making Nazi salutes and shouting over an Indigenous welcoming ceremony at the Australia Cup final, prompting ... Read More

Such irregularities are to be found in all government offices for the benefit of corruption not only in Titas

Dhaka, Oct. 3 -- Believe it or not, many public service sectors in the country have turned into a den of irregularities, mismanagement and corruption due to continuous abuse of power by some unscrupul... Read More

We must send more skilled workers abroad to give a boost to remittance earnings

Dhaka, Oct. 3 -- The number of Bangladeshi workers who headed to the Middle East countries in search of jobs surged 177 per cent year-on-year in the first eight months of this year. The opening of the... Read More

Govt must help who are struggling to survive but can't meet the high cost of living

Dhaka, Oct. 2 -- People struggling to keep up with rising prices of essentials have to spend even more on food. The fallouts from the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war had forced consumers,... Read More

Public university teachers must regularly maintain working hours on campus

Dhaka, Oct. 2 -- The teachers at the university level are thought to be very responsible citizens of any given society. Hence it is perhaps not a good idea that their working hours should be fixed. Bu... Read More

FIDE World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad begins today

Dhaka, Oct. 2 -- The FIDE World Youth Under-16 Chess Olympiad will begin today, in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan, said a Bangladesh Chess Federation press release on Saturday. A se... Read More

As voice of the people, demand of the press is for people's govt

Dhaka, Oct. 1 -- -Mainul Hosein It is unnecessary to assure the press if the press is free. The other day the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina "elected" under her own system said the press is free to cri... Read More

Nation must protect its girl children from various evils

Dhaka, Oct. 1 -- Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target ending abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against children by 2030. The status of Bangladesh is worse. A study reve... Read More