Learning to Speak Darija: How to Make a Moroccan Laugh

Rabat, June 22 -- Some words remain unaltered, while others have been changed to varying degrees. Additionally, some Arabic words used in Morocco are used in a different context than within Moroccan ... Read More

Bestselling Novel by French-Moroccan Leila Slimani To Hit the Big Screen

Rabat, June 19 -- The Perfect Nanny , a bestselling novel by French-Moroccan Leila Slimani is making its way to the big screen, thanks to three production companies: Legendary, Why Not Productions, an... Read More

Hakim Ziyech to Leave Ajax in the Summer

Rabat, June 19 -- Ajax sporting director Marc Overmars recently declared that Moroccan football player Hakim Ziyech is free to leave in the summer. However, Ziyech's contract has a release clause of 2... Read More

Moroccan Branch of Thyssenkrupp Aerospace Fully Operational

Rabat, June 19 -- The Moroccan branch of Thyssenkrupp Aerospace has delivered its first major order for processed aluminum plates. The order signifies that the new site in Casablanca is now fully oper... Read More

Morocco's Central Bank Hasn't Cut Interest Rates Since 2016

Rabat, June 18 -- Morocco's central bank, Bank Al-Maghrib is a central bank which hasn't cut interest rates since 2016, diminishing this year's economic projections for growth and inflation of the cou... Read More

Agriculture Company AGCO Opens Office in Morocco

Rabat, June 18 -- AGCO, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, has opened a new office in the north-east of Casablanca, Morocco. According to the company's website, AGCO'... Read More