Indian Ph.D. Student, 26, Fatally Shot Inside Car in the US

Goa, Nov. 24 -- The devastating loss of Aaditya Adlakha, a 26-year-old Ph.D. scholar specializing in molecular and developmental biology at the University of Cincinnati Medical School, has sent shockw... Read More

Tragic Knife Attack Sparks Unrest in Dublin Amid Growing Tensions

Goa, Nov. 24 -- In a shocking incident outside a school in Dublin, a 5-year-old girl was critically injured in a knife attack, triggering a wave of violence in the city. The assailant described only a... Read More

Authorities and Elected MLAs Conduct Inspection of Bio-Methanation Plant at SGPDA Fish Market

Goa, Nov. 24 -- In a collaborative effort to enhance waste management infrastructure, authorities, along with elected Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), conducted an inspection of the Bio-Met... Read More

Afghan Embassy in New Delhi Permanently Closes

Goa, Nov. 24 -- The Afghan embassy in New Delhi has officially announced its permanent closure, effective from November 23, 2023, citing persistent challenges from the Indian government. The decision ... Read More

Calangute locals raises concerns and files complaints against illegal Tree Cuttings in Candolim

Goa, Nov. 23 -- Residents of Calangute in Goa have united to voice their concerns over widespread illegal tree cutting taking place on a property marked as survey no. 81/1-D in the village of Candolim... Read More

Tense Confrontation at Mapusa Municipal Council Meeting Sparks Heated Exchange

Goa, Nov. 23 -- Mapusa Municipal Council meeting took a tumultuous turn as the Chairperson, Priya Mishal, and Councillor Shashank Narvekar engaged in a heated argument, resulting in the Chairperson as... Read More

Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Russian Tourist Joins Local Artist in Tulsi Vivah Decorations

Panjim, Nov. 23 -- As Tulsi Vivah approaches, the lively preparations have taken an interesting turn with a unique collaboration between a local artist and a Russian tourist. Vishwas Naik, an accompli... Read More

Tulsi Vivah Preparations in Full Swing: Margao Market Offers Essential Commodities

Margao, Nov. 23 -- As Tulsi Vivah approaches, Margao market is bustling with activity, ensuring all essential commodities for the auspicious occasion are readily available. The market is stocked with ... Read More

Unidentified Decomposed Body Discovered in Khorjuem, Aldona

Goa, Nov. 23 -- In a startling incident, an unknown decomposed body was found in a well at Khorjuem, Aldona, on Thursday. Upon receiving information, the fire services rushed to the site and successfu... Read More

The Vasco cylinder blast double death case has more than a whiff of foul play emerging

MARGAO, Nov. 23 -- The accidental death of the mother and pregnant daughter in the cylinder blast smacks of a conspiracy after several pieces of evidence now points to a homicidal angle in the entire ... Read More