David Keene: Influential Lobbyist & Faux Humanitarian

Rabat, Aug. 20 -- It was a media bombshell, the news that stirred up policy circles in Washington DC, scandalizing some and pushing others to ask for accountability: Maria Butina, an alleged Russian s... Read More

Desperate Polisario Sends Conflicting Messages amid Fears of Morocco-Friendly Momentum

Rabat, Aug. 13 -- In recent weeks, talks over the future of the UN-led initiative in Western Sahara have centered on the challenge of replacing Horst Kohler, the UN special envoy who unexpectedly resi... Read More

Moroccan Jew Returns to Morocco to Visit Parents' Home, Explore Missing Identity

Rabat, Aug. 6 -- "Sometimes I think my entire life was preparation for Morocco. At home we always knew we were Moroccan," begins a long, homecoming-themed article by Khen Elmaleh, a Moroccan Jew who s... Read More

Kenya Seeks Morocco's Support in Bid to Secure Seat at UN Security Council

Rabat, Aug. 5 -- Kenyan authorities have asked for Morocco's support as the East African country vies to secure a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council for the 2019-2020 tenure, a local outlet... Read More

Atlas Lions' New Technical Director Ready to 'Do Something Special' for Moroccan Football

Rabat, Aug. 5 -- Osian Roberts, the Welshman whom Morocco's Royal Football Federation (FRMF) has just appointed as the new technical director of the Atlas Lions, Morocco's national football team, is s... Read More

Morocco's House of Councilors Approves Controversial Education Bill

Rabat, Aug. 3 -- The House of Councilors, the 120-member upper house of Morocco's parliament, has approved the newly adopted Draft Law 51.17 , definitely putting to rest nationwide debates about the i... Read More

American Labor Organization Urges Morocco to Review Legislation on Labor, Right to Strike

Rabat, Aug. 3 -- The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) has joined the chorus of voices requesting fundamental changes in Morocco's labor legislation. In ... Read More

EST-Wydad Case: Return to Original Controversy after CAS Indecisive Verdict

Rabat, Aug. 2 -- It is Groundhog Day in the Wydad vs. Esperance Tunis dossier after the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), which was expected to deliver a final verdict , ended up issuing a partia... Read More

Despite Fans' Frustration, Popular Demand, New Coach of Atlas Lions Won't Be Moroccan

Rabat, Aug. 2 -- The next coach of the Moroccan national football team will not be a Moroccan national, in spite of popular demands that "a man of the country" take over in the aftermath of the recent... Read More

US Secretary of State Congratulates Morocco on Throne Day, Reiterates Commitment to 'Strategic Partnership'

Rabat, July 31 -- Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, has reiterated Washington's unflinching support for Morocco, saying the North African country is an indispensable US ally in the fight for sec... Read More