Provinces say federal government is in bid to control provincial security operations

Kathmandu, July 16 -- The bill on adjustment of police in the provinces, which has been finalised by a parliamentary committee and is expected to be endorsed by the federal parliament soon, has invite... Read More

Federal government refuses to devolve authority to the provinces

Kathmandu, July 15 -- In what comes as yet another attempt to refuse powers to sub-national governments, the federal government has not handed over the authority of licensing radio and cable televisio... Read More

Sources in Communist Party of Nepal say the outfit is not convinced by government's call for talks

Kathmandu, July 15 -- Weeks after the government declared the Communist Party of Nepal a criminal outfit on March 12, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said the Netra Bikram Chand-led party would join main... Read More

Growing camaraderie between Dahal and Nepal stokes concerns in the Oli faction

Kathmandu, July 14 -- Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Madhav Kumar Nepal go back a long way. Nepal played a crucial role during the peace process after Dahal's Maoist party joined mainstream politics in 2006.... Read More

Prime minister says he's in the dark. His critics aren't delighted.

Kathmandu, July 11 -- The prime minister is in the dark. Or at least he says so. Last week, when asked about a letter from the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu demanding that pesticide tests for imported ... Read More

Rift in the ruling party nears tipping point, insiders say

Kathmandu, July 8 -- Prime Minister and Co-chair of the ruling Nepal Communist Party said on Friday that some people's statements that the party would split were nothing but wishful thinking. "There ... Read More

As ruling party lawmakers criticise government, Oli instructs them to speak in defence

Kathmandu, July 7 -- Amid criticism that internal democracy in the ruling Nepal Communist Party is on the wane, party Co-chair and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Saturday instructed his lawmakers not... Read More

Ruling party leaders are enraged after provincial lawmaker with criminal past enters the party

Kathmandu, July 5 -- When Rajib Gurung, a provincial assembly member from Gandaki, entered the Nepal Communist Party, Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung tried to compare him with Chu Teh, a Chinese g... Read More

Oli and Dahal present a unified face, but cracks are visible all over the ruling party

Kathmandu, July 3 -- Pushpa Kamal Dahal and KP Sharma Oli stood together on Monday in a rare show of solidarity. The party appeared united and finally on the same page. But that show of support only h... Read More

Oli says people's multiparty democracy is still relevant; Dahal calls for moving forward

Kathmandu, June 30 -- Co-chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party, KP Sharma Oli, has said that "people's multiparty democracy" is still relevant, in what appeared to be his bid to quell concerns ... Read More