Boost security, prosperity through policy

India, Aug. 8 -- Even a cursory reading of the history of India, despite the distortions and slants that remain in the recital of the different stages of progress of the subcontinent, shows the import... Read More

Needed: Investments for Jammu & Kashmir

India, Aug. 2 -- It is hoped that attracting investments for Jammu & Kashmir, now that the process of its mainstreaming has started, is on top of Prime Minister Narendra Modi government's agenda. Now ... Read More

PM Modi's $5 trillion target is possible

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Insecure Oli holding India-Nepal relations hostage

India, July 18 -- Desperation can make even the wisest of men, and women, lose control of their faculties. And certainly no one will accuse Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli of belonging to that sp... Read More

PM warns China against expansionism

India, July 4 -- At times, push needs to come to a shove before an individual comes to his/her senses and attempts a course correction. This is an appropriate analogy to describe India's actions when ... Read More

It's time to choose

India, June 27 -- In every nation's history comes a watershed moment that decides the future course it will take-the way it will shape up as a nation, the place it will take in the comity of nations. ... Read More

Not the time for politics

India, June 13 -- At a time when India is in the grip of a pandemic and when the economy, which was on a pause during a period of a very strict lockdown, is sputtering back to life, politics with the ... Read More

Asian Century must not falter

India, June 6 -- As Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien-Loong has written in Foreign Affairs, "In recent years, people have been saying that the next century will be the century of Asia and the Pacific... Read More

Time to stay united

India, May 23 -- Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in India, a remarkable reticence had dominated the political space of this country. Various shades of the political spectrum merged in... Read More

Lockdown must ease

India, May 16 -- Bill Gates would not find it much of an inconvenience to be confined to one of his mansions for any length of time. There would be gardens to stroll about it, a variety of alternative... Read More