Violence against children, gang rape incidents on rise

Dhaka, Sept. 25 -- Violence against women and children, specially the incidents of rape, gang-rape and murder, witnessed an alarming rise across the country in the first nine months of the current cal... Read More

People frightened of frequent lightning

Dhaka, Sept. 16 -- Lightning strike has become one of the major panics to the people in the country. About 257 people have been killed by lightning in the first eight months of this year. Due to the ... Read More

Dengue patients on rise in city

Dhaka, Sept. 12 -- The situation of dengue is gradually taking an alarming shape in the country. The number of cases and deaths is increasing every day. Bangladesh recorded 360 more infections in the... Read More

Abduction, snatching incidents on the rise in capital

Dhaka, Sept. 7 -- Abduction, snatching and robbery incidents in guise of police and other forces are occurring even in a broad daylight in the capital regularly. Consequently, inhabitants of the Dhak... Read More

Keraniganj jewelery traders in panic over broad daylight robbery

Dhaka, Aug. 31 -- Gold business has become another name of panic in Keraniganj area recently. Robbers are attacking big jewellery shops in filmy style in broad daylight and looting gold ornaments and ... Read More

Death in custody increasing

Dhaka, Aug. 24 -- Death in law enforcement custody is increasing in an alarming rate across the country. The recent death incident in city's Hatirjheel Police Station custody shocked the whole nation.... Read More

People worried over city's insecure project sites

Dhaka, Aug. 19 -- Due to frequent accidents in construction sites across the country, people are becoming increasingly worried about their movement along the project sites. Experts including the city... Read More

Powerful syndicate fixes egg price

Dhaka, Aug. 16 -- The consumer goods market has already reached to a pinnacle. Due to this, the price of eggs is increasing by leaps and bounds. Why the price is rising. After investigation, it is kno... Read More

Rape, robbery in running bus on the rise

Dhaka, Aug. 9 -- Frequent robbery and rape incidents in passenger buses in the highways of the country are increasing in an alarming rate. Tangail's Madhupur zone has become a hot spot for committing ... Read More

Violence increases with help of influential people

Dhaka, Aug. 4 -- Juvenile crimes committed by teen gangs are increasing in an alarming rate across the country including capital city. Sources said violence of juvenile gangs increasing with the help ... Read More