The Meesha Shafi

Pakistan, Feb. 28 -- Regardless of the legal position, employers should strive to eliminate workplace bullying and harassment as they both have a negative impact on employee morale and motivation. In... Read More

You are free; you are free to go to your temples.

Pakistan, Jan. 6 -- It was Salman Taseer in 1967 who welcomed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto when he left the government of General Ayub and came to Lahore to form the Pakistan People's Party. Salman Taseer, who... Read More

The fragrance of Benazir Bhutto

Pakistan, Dec. 19 -- I passed from childhood into the world of the adult. But what a disappointing world it turned out to be. The colours of the sky, the grass, and the flowers were gone, muted and gr... Read More

Nostalgia: Benazir Bhutto's return

Pakistan, Dec. 13 -- June is the middle of the year that belongs to Benazir Bhutto, while December leaves the year with Benazir Bhutto. Although the people of Pakistan have spent a great deal of thei... Read More