UN Food Report Reveals Hunger on the Rise Near East and North Africa

Rabat, May 9 -- Hunger in the Near East and North Africa (NENA) region continues to worsen in a trend that has been seen since 2011, according to a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Or... Read More

Survey Provides Insight into Arab Youth

Rabat, May 7 -- ASDA'A Burson Cohn and Wolfe (ASDA'A BCW), a public relations firm based in the Middle East, published their 2019 Arab Youth Survey , titled "A Call for Reform." The year's survey is t... Read More

Ramadan 2019 Around the World: Longest and Shortest Fasting Hours Worldwide

Rabat, May 6 -- All healthy Muslims who are not traveling or pregnant are expected to partake in Ramadan in order to purify themselves through fasting, prayer, and spiritual acts. The duration of the... Read More

King Mohammed VI Appoints New Members to Privatization Councils

Rabat, April 30 -- King Mohammed VI appointed Zouhair Chorfi, Mohamed Sadiqi, Khalid Safir, Mounia Boucetta, and Fouzia Zaaboul to the government's transfer commission for privatization on Monday. The... Read More

Study: Moroccans Make Up 9% of the Foreign Population in Brussels

Rabat, April 29 -- Brussels has the second highest percentage of foreign residents among cities worldwide after Dubai, according to a study from Brussels Jet Pack Center for Analysis. A total of 1.2 m... Read More

Toronto Hot Docs Film Festival to Premiere Moroccan Amazigh Amussu Film

Morocco, April 24 -- The documentary film "Amussu" about protests in Imider, a village in south-east Morocco against exploitative action from a local mining company, has been chosen for premiere at th... Read More

Morocco's Foreign Minister Excludes the UAE in His Gulf Tour

Rabat, April 16 -- Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita finished his tour of five Gulf countries, excluding the United Arab Emirates . On March 28, Bourita and his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Saf... Read More

Rhone Mosque Council President Urges Muslims to Help Rebuild Notre-Dame

Rabat, April 16 -- The president of the Council of Mosques of the Rhone, Kamel Kabtane, called on French Muslims to "stand in solidarity with their country" following the devastating fire at Notre-Dam... Read More

Rabbi and Moroccan Muslim Girl Publish Book of Letters in Netherlands

Rabat, April 15 -- A rabbi and a Moroccan Muslim teenaged girl published a joint book of their letters, which cover a variety of topics from personal experiences to religious and political differences... Read More

Military Coup Overthrows Al-Bashir: What Happens in Sudan Now?

Rabat, April 12 -- After months of protests, state television and radio all over Sudan interrupted regular programming on Thursday to allow the military to make a statement. Defense Minister Ahmed Awa... Read More