Suspects arrested in Hong Kong by central security office to be tried in mainland, face life in jail

India, July 1 -- Suspects arrested by the mainland's new security office to be set up in Hong Kong under the controversial new law will be tried in the mainland, Zhang Xiaoming from the Hong Kong and ... Read More

Life imprisonment for breaking new Beijing-imposed law in Hong Kong

India, July 1 -- People convicted under the new security law in Hong Kong could face life in jail, the maximum sentence under the controversial legislation that came into force Tuesday night. The ful... Read More

Experts speculate presence of super spreader as Beijing Covid-19 cases cross 200

India, June 20 -- A Covid-19 super spreader could have aided the rapid spread of more than 200 infections linked to the Xinfadi fresh food market in the southwestern district of Fengtai in Beijing, ex... Read More

Wuhan experts called in as Beijing reports 158 Covid-19 cases in a week

India, June 18 -- Beijing on Thursday recorded 21 new cases of Covid-19 for June 17, 10 less than the day before, increasing the caseload to 158 in a week with nearly all the infections linked to a sp... Read More

Beijing Covid-19 cases cross 100 in 5 days, 2 lakh linked to cluster market screened

India, June 16 -- Beijing on Tuesday reported 27 more domestically transmitted Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours, taking the caseload to 106 in five days, the sharpest rise for the city. The spike i... Read More