Save the Singapore Marathon

Kuala Lampur, Dec. 8 -- I am not a runner. I would like to be but I lack the discipline and endurance running requires. Allowing the human body to do better, go faster, run further is a beautiful thi... Read More

Powering Singapore for over 100 years

Kuala Lampur, Dec. 1 -- A hundred years ago, St James Power Station was established as Singapore's first electric power station. Somewhat fittingly today, it is about to become a major centre or symb... Read More

Carousell sells a new way to shop online... especially for Singaporeans

Kuala Lampur, Nov. 24 -- I have a 4.5 rating. It isn't my ride-share or food-deliver rating. This is my Carousell rating. Carousell is a fast-growing online marketplace in Singapore. It's grown so q... Read More

Asean partygoers discover the party boat

Kuala Lampur, Nov. 17 -- So, I set sail the other day. It wasn't your average voyage. (Let's be honest, my average voyage is the ferry to Batam or Bintan.) This time I was on a cruise ship and not ju... Read More

In Singapore, policymakers face a predicament over PMDs

Kuala Lampur, Nov. 10 -- Last week, the Singapore government prohibited the use of PMDs (Personal Mobility devices) - basically small electric scooters - on footpaths. This sparked a bout of political... Read More

Cancel vigilante culture in Singapore... and everywhere else

Kuala Lampur, Nov. 3 -- I often say stupid things. Sometimes because I wasn't thinking, sometimes I just lose my temper and sometimes it is because I was just ignorant of all the facts. I would be am... Read More

Building communities with better use of public spaces in Singapore

Kuala Lampur, Oct. 27 -- My home changed colour last week. The public housing block I live in was repainted as part of a refurbishment. Now I can't say I'm a fan of the new orange and yellow colour s... Read More

So where are our Nobel Laureates?

Kuala Lampur, Oct. 20 -- "The Merchant of Death is Dead" - that was the headline of the obituary published for Swedish businessman Alfred Nobel in 1888. It was an appropriate one. Nobel had, after al... Read More

Johor Baru needs a walking entry permit for Singaporeans

Kuala Lampur, Oct. 13 -- I go to Johor Baru (JB) a lot. Why not? Food is delicious. Shopping is cheap. Cinemas are spacious. And beyond the city lies an entire nation full of beautiful sights. It is ... Read More

Taking risks in childhood

Kuala Lampur, Oct. 6 -- All the silly things children do; playing with fire, running with scissors, swimming immediately after eating. It is difficult to explain why they do these things. Why they pu... Read More