BJP switched to coffee, Is NaMo Chai losing its flavour?

India, Oct. 2 -- As the assembly election nears, BJP has come to the forefront on "Coffee with Youth - Yuva Samvad" programme across Maharashtra. The main purpose of this programme is to woo young gen... Read More

AAP to contest on 50 seats in Maharashtra!

India, Sept. 23 -- Aam Aadmi Party is all set to contest 50 seats for the Maharashtra Assembly polls. AAP which was once considered as serious contender to challenge BJP and Congress has lost its shee... Read More

PM Modi Kick starts the campaign

India, Sept. 20 -- Maharashtra is gearing up for state polls in coming month. With campaigning on in full swing in the state, social media too is abuzz with the probable election schedule. The start o... Read More

Shiv Sena in search of safe seat

India, Sept. 16 -- With the Maharashtra assembly elections scheduled in mid-October this year, Sena-BJP has started negotiating on seat sharing and their deal is almost finalised. This year for the fi... Read More

Congress and NCP sunk in state, All big leaders joined Sena-BJP

India, Sept. 13 -- With an eye on the assembly polls many big leaders from Congress and NCP are joining BJP. Large number of defections from Congress and NCP will certainly have an impact on both thes... Read More

Kamal Nath: SIT reopens anti-Sikh riots case

India, Sept. 10 -- Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has landed himself in trouble after a Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up by Union Home Ministry has decided to reopen seven anti-Sikh r... Read More

Congress is in fix

India, Sept. 8 -- The bickering in Madhya Pradesh Congress party is a fresh cause of worry for the Congress leadership. Following a meeting with Chief Minister Kamal Nath, interim Congress president S... Read More

Motor Vehicles Act 2019

India, Sept. 5 -- The government has enforced the new traffic rules. People are ready to follow these new rules but they are asking for good roads in Mumbai. On the other hand, four states Rajasthan, ... Read More

Gadkari, Khadse and Danve oppose party hoppers

India, Sept. 3 -- Nowadays several leaders from opposition parties like Congress, NCP are joining BJP. While the party is welcoming their entry, some leaders like Nitin Gadkari, Eknath Khadse and Raos... Read More