The government's year-old social security scheme is a mess

Nepal, Dec. 3 -- Last year, the KP Oli-led government undertook a multi-million rupee media blitz throughout the country to launch its contribution-based social security scheme. The scheme and its acc... Read More

Nepal hasn't been able to adapt to a changing world

Nepal, Nov. 19 -- Last week, more than a hundred think tanks came together in Bangkok to discuss how they can help manage the transition amidst trade wars and the shrinking of space for open dialogues... Read More

Aiming for a better future, by prioritising the young

Nepal, Nov. 5 -- With the arrival of UNICEF executive director Henrietta H Fore in Nepal, people in government and others who have lived out of donor largesse are scrambling to talk about children. Wi... Read More

Before Visit Nepal, the country needs to improve airport management

Nepal, Oct. 22 -- On Sunday, October 13, when Chinese President Xi Jinping left Kathmandu, the country's only international airport turned chaotic. Tribhuvan International Airport had aeroplanes and p... Read More

We need a culture of dialogues in Nepal

Kathmandu, Sept. 24 -- Last week, a national consultative meeting was held for the planned Sagarmatha Sambaad. The Sambaad is a multi-stakeholder forum that the Nepal government has initiated and plan... Read More

Bangladesh is transforming, and Nepal needs to learn from it

Nepal, Sept. 10 -- Last week, a news report made the rounds in India and the world about Bangladesh topping the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate in the past 10 years. The Indian media, and off... Read More