What defines a Nepali citizen?

Nepal, June 30 -- It would be interesting to stalk the homes of leaders across society with a hidden camera. I am tempted to find out how they spend their days. Who makes their tea in the morning? How... Read More

Call for change

Nepal, June 15 -- A youth, out of frustration, started a group on Facebook called 'Covid-19 Nepal: Enough Is Enough!'. When I first came to know of the page, it had 500 members. In just a week, the nu... Read More

Internalising change

Nepal, June 1 -- I am an early riser. I go from a state of rest to one of activity fairly quickly, making a lot of noise going up and down the wooden staircase or opening and closing doors; that is, u... Read More

We need more economists

Nepal, May 18 -- Two events last week prompted me to write this column. First, for a work-related meeting, we listened to an analysis given by Swarnim Wagle, current executive chair of the Institute o... Read More

Buddhism as a connector

Nepal, May 5 -- On this week falls the 2565th Buddha Jayanti. The Theravada-influenced celebrations regard this day to be the day Siddhartha Gautam was born, and also the day he attained enlightenment... Read More

The Nepali economy will bounce back quick

Nepal, April 21 -- All media platforms across the world are filled with analyses on the impact of Covid-19 and the resultant lockdowns on economies. Job losses in the US have made the headlines. There... Read More

Lockdown Musings

Nepal, April 7 -- This has been bizarre and unprecedented. We are connected virtually to the world but we are isolated in our houses. It has surely helped people to reflect on many things. While socia... Read More