Major Ports bill: When people's interest is consumed by those who define 'national interest'

Goa, Aug. 8 -- More often than not, a grand painting camouflages many little dots that go onto make a big picture. At times the concealment does not affect but enhances the big picture. At times, it h... Read More

Beyond mining: There's wealth in our farms, for all of us

Goa, Aug. 2 -- here is a revolution brewing. It's not yet a patch on the green revolution that enveloped the country, led by Punjab. A revolution so-called due to the infusion of technology, seeds, ma... Read More

Goa's doctors cannot charge into the COVID battlefield blindfolded

Goa, Aug. 1 -- He decided to plunge himself and lead the charge of the COVID brigade in Goa, much like the Light Cavalry Brigade in the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War, which spurred Alfred Lor... Read More

Goans, this is how govts clear projects which murder ecology...

Goa, July 25 -- There is a phrase in the lexicon of babudom which may seem innocuous but is perhaps the most powerful tool appropriated by elected governments. It is called 'Competent Authority'. Beyo... Read More

The embers of the Konkan Railway realignment movement will light the path of the anti-double tracking one

Goa, July 11 -- Agnelo Billy Pereira, Billy to all, sits on his easy chair on his balcao in Utorda not far from the Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Igreja em Utorda (The Lady of Lourdes Church). His mind tra... Read More

All we ask is be respectful to the dead who die of COVID. Is it too much to ask?

Goa, June 27 -- The silence of the mortuary is the loudest when you are all alone with a loved one inside. The stillness of crematoriums and graveyards couch the turmoil of those who happen to be ther... Read More

On COVID control, who does the government listen to? Not the oppn, or the common man, or its ministers

Goa, June 13 -- The blessings of divine forces have generally been kind to Goa. Nature's fury has escaped us, natural and ecological disasters have not touched us and when through the month of April a... Read More