Local Jubo Dal leader dies amid police-BNP clash in Dhaka

Dhaka, Oct. 29 -- A local Jubo Dal leader has died allegedly during a clash with the police in Dhaka. Shamim Mollah was the president of a unit in Mugda Thana Jubo Dal's Ward No. 7, according to Shaf... Read More

Salman Rahman meets US diplomat Zeya to discuss polls, economic ties

Dhaka, Oct. 28 -- Salman F Rahman, the prime minister's advisor for private industry and investment, engaged in talks with Uzra Zeya, the US under secretary of state for democracy and human rights, on... Read More

Owners say bus services to continue in Dhaka despite BNP's shutdown after deadly violence

Dhaka, Oct. 28 -- Bus operators in Dhaka have said they will continue services on Sunday despite the BNP's general strike after deadly protests, during which a number of private and public transports ... Read More

RAB says it will go after those involved in violence during BNP's antigovernment rally

Dhaka, Oct. 28 -- The Rapid Action Battalion says it has started working to bring to justice those involved in violent clashes with police during the BNP's rally in Dhaka. The elite force's intellige... Read More

Obaidul Quader says BNP's hartal is a 'blunt' tool of protest as violent clashes mar antigovernment rally

Dhaka, Oct. 28 -- Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has announced countrywide peace rallies for Sunday, claiming that the hartal planned by the BNP as a tool of protest will not work anymo... Read More

Internet speed reduced for BNP's Naya Paltan rally

Dhaka, Oct. 28 -- Mobile operators have claimed they were instructed by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Agency (BTRC) to reduce internet speed in Dhaka's Naya Paltan ahead of the BNP's ant... Read More

Tactics of intimidation won't sway Awami League, says Hasina

Dhaka, Oct. 28 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasised the 'futility' of attempts to intimidate her administration as she recalled the Awami League's pressure campaign that culminated in the fa... Read More

Awami League starts Dhaka rally with a cultural event

Dhaka, Oct. 28 -- The Awami League has begun its "peace rally" with a cultural event in Dhaka, in response to the BNP's antigovernment street protests ahead of the January election. The Dhaka Metropo... Read More

Police stop Awami League from building stage for Saturday rally outside Baitul Mukarram

Dhaka, Oct. 27 -- Police have stopped the Awami League from building a stage for the party's Saturday rally outside Baitul Mukarram National Mosque in Dhaka. The stage was half built when police stop... Read More

US 'monitoring' reports on Khaleda's deteriorating health: State Department

Dhaka, Oct. 27 -- The United States is monitoring reports about the health of ailing BNP chief Khaleda Zia, according to a State Department official. Matthew Miller, a State Department spokesperson, ... Read More