Feeling bare and naked at 20 Shades of Nude

Lalitpur, Feb. 26 -- Imagine yourself stark naked, and your body will immediately curl up with uneasiness. Even in dreams, when we see ourselves bare, we wake up and think, 'That was weird.' We don't ... Read More

Once every five years, different Buddhist communities in Patan gather to put together some good karma

Lalitpur, Feb. 25 -- It was early, around 6 am, when Sabita Dhakwa joined the line in Nagbahal with her family to offer alms to 127 Dipankar statues. The line was quickly filling in, and unlike the us... Read More

CK Lal: Language is alive only when it is related to a marketplace

Kathmandu, Feb. 22 -- CK Lal is a respected name. He has been writing about society and politics for three decades, and his work has been deemed influential and insightful by many. He is a regular col... Read More

Many believe UTI is a toilet-borne infection, doctors say it's not

Kathmandu, Feb. 20 -- Madhurima Bhadra was 14 years old when she experienced her first Urinary Tract Infection. As a young teenager, Bhadra was not sure how she got the infection. She assumed, like ma... Read More

Where women openly talk about vaginas

Kathmandu, Feb. 20 -- A room full of women talking about their vaginas unabashedly sounds empowering. For the sole reason, that discussions around vaginas or female sexuality are hushed in daily conve... Read More

Not all great photos have a good story: Bikas Rauniar

Kathmandu, Feb. 17 -- It's a quiet, warm afternoon as Bikas Rauniar gives one last check to his display of photographs for his 'Stills from Films' exhibition organised by Nepal International Film Fest... Read More

Upendra Subba: We need more critical and creative minds to drive the literary scene to become more competitive

Kathmandu, Feb. 15 -- Upendra Subba is a man of few words and a whole lot of simplicity. One would imagine him to be jovial and witty like the character he played of the Jhakri Baje in Kabaddi, of whi... Read More

An artist recreates a khaja ghar inside a gallery, but there is no mention of food

Kathmandu, Feb. 14 -- On any given day, in khaja ghars around the Valley and across, the smell of fried eggs sizzling on a hot kadai comes wafting from the kitchen. As the didi adds some chiura and ch... Read More

Childlike happiness is this serial record-breaker's goal

Kathmandu, Feb. 10 -- Ashrita Furman knows most people think he is crazy and wacky. He has just been in Malaysia, where he slashed over 50 watermelons over the course of a minute, in an attempt to set... Read More

Shashikala Manandhar: Even writing is like singing; if you don't practise, you will lose your voice.

Kathmandu, Feb. 8 -- Sixty-year-old Shashikala Manandhar is colourful and vibrant, her expressions even more joyful. "Let me know if I say things the wrong way or when I need to stop," she says as she... Read More