Celebrating womanhood through women voices

Nepal, March 8 -- Celebrating womanhood is about acknowledging potentials and embracing the challenges that come with being a woman. It is about celebrating the people in our lives who embrace us for ... Read More

Unlearning how children learn

Nepal, Feb. 28 -- Children's days are structured around the various skills adults feel they should learn. As students they attend school for most of the day. The rest of their day children spend in so... Read More

Changing the 'waste' story (with video)

Nepal, Jan. 17 -- When the garbage truck misses its round, the bags of waste mount up along bends of the roads and empty spaces. We look at these piles and complain of the foul smell and dreadful view... Read More

Going local with a vision for a prosperous Nepal (with video)

Nepal, Jan. 3 -- Nepal's socio-economic reality is unique and the path to development and prosperity needs to be suited to this very context and reality. One aspect of our reality is that we are a cou... Read More