India, April 14 -- The first day of the Bengali New Year is not just another date on the calendar to mark for rituals and ceremonies. It is all about cultural bonhomie, dance and music, a day to let y... Read More

Bhutan On My Plate

India, April 13 -- Bhutan has been sitting in my travel bucket list for years. Unfortunate not to have found the time to soak in one of the world's most bountiful wonderland, on top of the Himalayas, ... Read More

Southern Comfort

India, March 30 -- Years ago, a young woman from a traditional Hindu family from Mathura got married into a Mathura-based family in Chennai. This is the incredible journey of Chef Anjali Gupta whose s... Read More

The Way of Bengal

India, March 24 -- There is an impressive global hospitality trend emerging, and flourishing, in these post-Pandemic times. It is the golden era of Roving Chefs, globally renowned, who instead of atta... Read More

The Pizza Philosopher

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Play on

India, March 2 -- Along the winding fine dining streets of South Delhi's heart and lungs, Mehrauli, you must stop at a place that literally invites you to come in and Play. Yes, Play is all about a de... Read More

Let's fix our lakshya

India, Jan. 28 -- Tilla couple of years ago when asked where I planned to spend the New Year, I would promptly reply "Somewhere the mobile doesn't work". It has become increasingly difficult to locate... Read More