Russia, China and US to Meet President Gotabaya

Sweden, Jan. 12 -- This upcoming week promises to be an interesting one for President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. He will be on separate occasions meeting the Foreign Ministers from Russia and China, Hon Mini... Read More

The Dots that Connect the Swiss to the Tamil Diaspora

Sweden, Dec. 30 -- Since Swiss special envoy Jorg Frieden's visit, who specially flew down to resolve the matter of the fabricated abduction, there is a blanket of silence from both Sri Lankan and Swi... Read More

That Irresistible "Exclusivity" Pledge

Sweden, Dec. 12 -- There was once a contented man who worked in the king's palace. The king was baffled how this one man could be happy when others could not. When he asked his chief advisor about thi... Read More

The Onus of Educating the Swiss is on the FM

Colombo, Dec. 4 -- It is the foreign media that reacted most to Gotabaya Rajapaksa being elected as the president of Sri Lanka. This aggression came even while the other 32 contenders and their suppor... Read More

Sajith Premadasa's Abysmal Failure

Sweden, Nov. 24 -- Presidential hopeful Sajith Premadasa's Camp appears as if they are shocked by their ignominious defeat. Apparently one very senior minister had commented that he was sure that Prem... Read More

Campaigns of Gotabaya Rajapaksa & Sajith Premadasa

Colombo, Nov. 12 -- This is the election week in Sri Lanka and everyone is trying to guess the winner ahead of polls. Though there are over 30 contestants, only two have come under serious considerati... Read More

The Challenges that makes MCCC Challenging

Colombo, Nov. 3 -- Sudden springing of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact should not come as a surprise. It first made an appearance in the immediate aftermath of the Easter Sunday Massacres... Read More