Encouraging Emission Tax to Tackle Climatic Impacts

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Bangladesh is one of the countries hit hardest by climate change. A 2014 estimate placed annual losses from climate change at 2 percent of GDP by 2050. Signs of Bangladesh's vulnera... Read More

Development A Hoax If People Are In Climate Risk

Dhaka, Sept. 15 -- Climate vulnerability is a major concern for the coastal areas of Bangladesh. The coastal region here covers 29,000 sq. km or about 20% area of the country and the coastal areas cov... Read More

Combine Economy & Ecology

Dhaka, Sept. 9 -- The climate and water bodies are apposite for various fish farming in Bangladesh. There are 8545 bunged water bodies - 3.46 lac acres and 3773 open water bodies- 27.82 lac acres. Mos... Read More

Carbon Tax To Tackle Climatic Impacts

Dhaka, Sept. 3 -- countries closer to North and South poles will experience warmer temperatures and once inhospitable land will experience melting of ice. Small island nations are at risk of extinctio... Read More

Alien Species Threat To Native Biodiversity

Dhaka, Aug. 25 -- World resource institute mentions, over the years, deforestation has reduced the forested vicinity of the world by half. By maintaining the stability of the atmospheric carbon dioxid... Read More

Fish Conserving The Home-Grown Species

Dhaka, July 30 -- This year, national Fisheries Week is being observed from July 21 to 27 with the theme "Machh Utpadan Briddhi Kori, Shukhi Samriddha Desh Gori" ('Increase fish production; build a ha... Read More

More help needed for flood-affected people

Dhaka, July 24 -- Sudden-onset disasters like tropical cyclones, tidal bore, tsunami, earthquake, landslide and volcanic eruption as well as slow-onset events like sea level rise, river erosion, salin... Read More

Remote Sensing Towards Sustainable Development

Dhaka, July 23 -- Remote sensing is the quick technique of obtaining information about objects on the surface of the earth without physically coming into contact with them. This process involves makin... Read More

Wetland For Environment & Economy

Dhaka, July 18 -- Wetlands play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance of ecosystems. Wetlands of Bangladesh have the characteristic of being sensitively in?uenced by water; supports agr... Read More

Modeling Environmental Impacts through Remote Sensing

Dhaka, July 17 -- Remote Sensing according to Campbell (1987) is the science of deriving information about the earth's land water areas form images acquired at a distance. It relies upon measurement o... Read More