Soil Stop Erosion To Save Future

Dhaka, Dec. 6 -- Globally, 5th December 2019 World Soil Day is celebrated all over the world. Every year on Soil Day the peoples of the world try to aware the other people about the importance of the ... Read More

Temperature How Capitalism Warming The Planet

Dhaka, Dec. 4 -- Capitalist enterprises have been synthesizing thousands of chemicals and drugs. They have been fishing and over-fishing the oceans with technologies of mining. They even built atomic ... Read More

Hidden Impacts Of Fossil Fuels On Plants, Animals

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Life under Water In Bangladesh They're Defenceless

Dhaka, Nov. 24 -- In general, 80% of global trade by volume is carried by sea and handled by ports worldwide. According to the research of UNCTAD - global seaborne trade would be augmented by 4.3% eve... Read More


Dhaka, Nov. 20 -- Environmental philosophy denotes - intrinsic value, sources of value, subject matter of ethics and perspectives. But the global trends of development hinder sustainable development. ... Read More

Climatic Variability

Dhaka, Nov. 13 -- Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Climate change has emerged as a global concern in the past 20 years. One particular worry is the potential disastrous consequence for agricultu... Read More

Environment Law

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SDG 7: How Biogas Provides Affordable Energy Demands in Bangladesh

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Sustainable Development

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Radioactive Compound

Dhaka, Oct. 31 -- Waste is any product of metabolism that is not required for further metabolic process and is therefore excreted from the body. Waste is directly linked to human development, both tec... Read More