Coping with Dhaka's water crisis

Bangladesh, April 12 -- The full Bangla season of summer has overtaken the country. The season begins from the month of Chaitra and continues till Jaishtha. Like in every year, the scourge of water cr... Read More

Dealing with autistic children

Bangladesh, April 9 -- Although the incidence of children with neuro-developmental disorder has been on the rise in the country, few studies appear to have been made to identify the reason behind the ... Read More

Of a city square and placid riverfronts

Bangladesh, April 5 -- Not long ago, town planners of Dhaka proposed a grand plan for creating an ideal space to help its residents pass their leisure time. They mulled some unique recreation outlets.... Read More

Courting calamities and a bad image

Bangladesh, April 2 -- The two consecutive fires, both massive and deadly, that recently broke out in Dhaka evidently point to an insidious social malady. It mainly comprises apathy and improvisation ... Read More


Bangladesh, March 31 -- The country has yet to start watching the repeated onslaughts of nor'westers, the summertime tornadoes. These storms make their swoops all of a sudden, giving people little tim... Read More

Twenty-four years of our independence struggle

Bangladesh, March 29 -- On March 29 in 1971 the curfew imposed on Dhaka on March 25 midnight was relaxed for a little longer period. It was apparently aimed at showing the world that Dhaka was returni... Read More

Paying the price for forest depletion

Bangladesh, March 26 -- Encroaching on forests and building habitats and other establishments has been a major human trait since the dawn of civilisations. As humans came out of their improvised primi... Read More

Smart phones and rural women

Bangladesh, March 24 -- Those who would in the past travel regularly by train are used to the spectacle: A woman or a girl all of a sudden turning the panel of her unfurled umbrella towards the rail c... Read More

Struggle for protecting human rights

Bangladesh, March 22 -- Before the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the UN General Assembly Session in 1948, the prevalence of people unaware of their basic rights was almost g... Read More

The imperative of maintaining ecological balance

Bangladesh, March 19 -- The bond between the greater nature and humans, formed after the complete evolution of Homo Sapiens, seems to be fast becoming fragile. It has lasted for a considerably longer ... Read More