Freeing waterways of recklessness

Dhaka, July 4 -- The terrible launch accident in the Buriganga River near Dhaka on the morning of June 29 stood out for several reasons. The mishap had almost all the commonfeatures that characterise ... Read More

Keeping pace with the tech revolutions

Dhaka, July 2 -- Amateur photographers, camera buffs, and those having a passion for photography, may have already started feeling distressed. A quite unexpected piece of news on June 24 has prompted ... Read More

Being in the domain of new normal

Dhaka, June 29 -- It doesn't take long for a society to get attuned to the new normal. Take the case of Bangladesh and the other developing countries - and also the developed bloc. All of them share a... Read More

Death of a poet reborn with new voice

Dhaka, June 27 -- "Birds have flown away, but loose feathers lie scattered", thus wrote Binoy Majumdar, a major figure in Bangla poetry of the 1950s. What he has meant in these lines could probably po... Read More

Changing nature of childhood thru time

Dhaka, June 25 -- Childhood is the most pleasant phase in one's life. It's accepted universally. Few of the adults hesitate to admit that they have passed their most enjoyable time during their childh... Read More

Why not an urgent Pandemic Summit

Dhaka, June 22 -- The global death toll of the now-raging pandemic may soon reach the border of half a million. The number continues to crawl upward. A few countries are experiencing recurrence of the... Read More

Corona-defying selfless youths

Dhaka, June 20 -- Many people might feel prompted to search for the apt term to define these exceptional youths. The phrase that is expected to occur to most of them is 'Good Samaritan'. Loosely speak... Read More

'Black slaves' matter in the 21st century

Dhaka, June 18 -- Had the African-American (then called 'negro' or black) lady Rosa Parks been alive today by miracle, she would have certainly felt devastated. A great bewilderment would have overcom... Read More

Lockdown: The corona-time reality

Dhaka, June 15 -- The government has finally gone for a widespread lockdown. The aim is containment of the fast spreading Covid-19 virus. A total of 45 areas in capital Dhaka, 11 in Chattogramand some... Read More

Commuting in city: The new forms

Dhaka, June 13 -- The Uber taxiand ride sharing services are yet to receive the authorities' nod to resume their operation in Dhaka; although many restrictions have been lifted in the post-shutdown pe... Read More