Cinema during the corona pandemic

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- An ominous existential threat now looms above the country's overall cinema industry. The sector involves a lot of segments and activities. Those mainly include movie-making, with di... Read More

Of deserts, their impacts on human life

Dhaka, Sept. 10 -- Like the seas or oceans, deserts have also long been fascinating man by their immense expanse. Undeniably, the desert sands lying infinitely for ages have beckoned a lot of humans. ... Read More

Rahat Khan's literary horizon

Dhaka, Sept. 3 -- The nearly silent exit of novelist Rahat Khan (1940-2020) from this colourful world which he loved so much is baffling. He belonged to that group of persons who would like to enjoy e... Read More

Edgy countdown to Book Fair 2021

Dhaka, Aug. 27 -- Like seen in many other sectors, the novel coronavirus pandemic has left its debilitating impact also on the country's socio-cultural activities. Due to relentless involvement of sco... Read More

The artistic uniqueness of Murtaja Baseer

Dhaka, Aug. 20 -- Late artist Murtaja Baseer (1932-2020) passed an eventful creative life. Few artists are fortunate enough to be able to lead their lives in a dignified freedom like that of Baseer. S... Read More

Putting flood recurrence in a wider context

Dhaka, Aug. 13 -- The country passed through the ordeals of devastating floods in consecutive years in the late 1980s and the 1990s. Geologically, Bangladesh has been a flood-prone country since ancie... Read More

Eid, Nobo-borsho and other festivals

Dhaka, July 30 -- For Dhaka dwellers, the two Eids --- Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, have been the two widely participated festivities over the last four centuries. Researchers have traced the roots of... Read More

Discoveries: Newer horizons beckon man

Dhaka, July 23 -- Had the legendary explorers of the past been alive today, they would certainly have been attacked by prolonged bouts of depression - and also ennui. The state of today's amateur expl... Read More

The volatility of selling a school

Dhaka, July 11 -- Notices or adverts on the sale of business entities, plots or buildings are a common view in the country. But the notice for the sale of a whole school, including its furniture, is a... Read More

A university's politico-cultural identity

Dhaka, July 9 -- The University of Dhaka's non-inclusion in most of the lists over the last three/four decades containing the names of the world's major universities may not be that unusual. To these ... Read More