KU research uncovers serious health risk in handling taka

Khulna, Aug. 18 -- Currency notes move from hand to hand collecting dirt and bacteria that make people very uncomfortable to touch them. But, according to research by a student of Khulna University, ... Read More

The disappearing dolphins of Sundarbans

Khulna, Aug. 10 -- The Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest known for its unique flora and fauna, is home to some globally endangered species, including the Royal Bengal Tiger and freshwate... Read More

School banking's tremendous success in Khulna bodes well for economy

Khulna, Aug. 5 -- Besides uttering the proverb (Chhoto chhoto balu kona, bindu bindu jol, gore tole mohadesh, sagor otol) 'small particles and drops of water build continents and oceans', school stude... Read More

Khulna schools and colleges empty, coaching centres full

Khulna, Aug. 4 -- From primary school to college level, you will not find a full class in Khulna but visit any of the coaching centres that have proliferated in the city, and you will see every batch ... Read More

Khan Jahan Ali Airport project not in the right gear; locals upset

Khulna, Aug. 2 -- The people of the district are unlikely to get the benefits of having an airport anytime soon as the work on the under-construction Khan Jahan Ali Airport in Mongla is going on at a ... Read More

Polythene, polystyrene behind Khulna's waterlogging woes

Khulna, Aug. 1 -- A huge amount of carelessly discarded polythene and polystyrene are blocking the city's drainage system, causing environment pollution as well as severe water stagnation during monso... Read More

As ban ends, fishermen rejoice at glut of hilsa

Khulna, July 31 -- The country's fishermen have been overjoyed as they returned to the Bay of Bengal after a 65-day ban to find an abundance of hilsa, their prized catch. A number of trawlers with hi... Read More

Arsenic problem in Khulna worsens; 589 patients detected

Khulna, July 23 -- A total of 589 people have been detected with arsenicosis, a disease caused by drinking and using of water contaminated with arsenic, in the coastal district, showing a slight rise ... Read More

Community Clinics: a vital source of primary healthcare in Khulna

Khulna, July 14 -- Kohinoor Begum came to the community clinic adjacent to her home to get treatment for various complications including constipation. Her husband Munsur Dhali died long back, and eve... Read More

Fishing ban in Sundarbans deprives hundreds of incomes

Khulna, July 11 -- Amid a 65-day-ban on netting fish in the Bay of Bengal, the authorities imposed a fresh ban on all kinds of fishing in rivers and canals that flow through the Sundarbans. In a proh... Read More