40,000 MT of fertiliser lying under open sky for a year

Khulna, Sept. 6 -- Some 40,000 metric tonnes of three types of fertiliser kept under the open sky here covered with merely tarpaulin for a year for lack of storage space have got damaged, sources at t... Read More

Divorce rate marks a sharp rise in Khulna

Bangladesh, Sept. 2 -- Khulna City Corporation (KCC) recorded some 14,088 cases of divorce in nine and a half years till July last, showing a sharp rise in marriage termination. The degradation of fa... Read More

Acid, lead from expired batteries threaten health, environment in Khulna

Khulna, Aug. 25 -- Acid, lead and other harmful chemicals from over 3,00,000 expired batteries, used in auto-rickshaws and motorised three-wheelers, are posing a serious threat to human health and env... Read More

Fishermen decry Sundarbans fishing ban

Khulna, Aug. 25 -- Hardship has befallen the people dependent on the Sundarbans for their livelihood ever since a ban on fishing in the mangrove forest was imposed about two months ago. Fishermen sai... Read More

No shortage of banned items in Khulna markets

Khulna, Aug. 23 -- Rice bran oil of a company is being sold at the markets here allegedly mixed with pig fat, creating panic among consumers. A buyer while visiting a departmental store named 'Kenaka... Read More

KU research uncovers serious health risk in handling taka

Khulna, Aug. 18 -- Currency notes move from hand to hand collecting dirt and bacteria that make people very uncomfortable to touch them. But, according to research by a student of Khulna University, ... Read More

The disappearing dolphins of Sundarbans

Khulna, Aug. 10 -- The Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest known for its unique flora and fauna, is home to some globally endangered species, including the Royal Bengal Tiger and freshwate... Read More

School banking's tremendous success in Khulna bodes well for economy

Khulna, Aug. 5 -- Besides uttering the proverb (Chhoto chhoto balu kona, bindu bindu jol, gore tole mohadesh, sagor otol) 'small particles and drops of water build continents and oceans', school stude... Read More

Khulna schools and colleges empty, coaching centres full

Khulna, Aug. 4 -- From primary school to college level, you will not find a full class in Khulna but visit any of the coaching centres that have proliferated in the city, and you will see every batch ... Read More

Khan Jahan Ali Airport project not in the right gear; locals upset

Khulna, Aug. 2 -- The people of the district are unlikely to get the benefits of having an airport anytime soon as the work on the under-construction Khan Jahan Ali Airport in Mongla is going on at a ... Read More