Wars and Political Economy. Part IV Globalization

Pakistan, Oct. 18 -- We are approaching the concluding of this particular study but, I would be remiss if I concluded without saying something on Globalization. Unlike the last essay, Globalization is... Read More

Wars and political economy. Part III: The cold war era, the Cuban missile crisis

Pakistan, Oct. 11 -- At the very outset, let me clarify, that this piece has nothing to do with any further developments in Political Science, Economy, and/or Political Economy. However, I do consider... Read More

The cold war era, the Bretton woods institutions (Part III)

Pakistan, Oct. 4 -- We have, so far, examined the UN and the ICJ, to see how the powers that be had, at the very outset, emplaced mechanisms to ensure that both were "controlled" to ensure they couldn... Read More

The cold war Era and the United Nations (part III)

Pakistan, Sept. 27 -- In the rather dismal record of the UN in preventing conflict, there are some partial successes, just as there are some really impressive judgments by International Courts. This e... Read More

Political science 17. Wars and political economy (part III)

Pakistan, Sept. 19 -- Chronologically, the Bretton Woods institutions were born over a year before the UN. However conceptually, the UN is the mother of all international institutions so, let's begin ... Read More

Political Science 16. Wars and political economy (III)The cold war era

Pakistan, Sept. 13 -- The globe was now in the throes of an economy dependent on war. And theorists knew that war-making, diplomacy and economies are cooked in the same cauldron but, the cauldron cook... Read More

Political Science 15. Wars and political economy Part III The cold war era

Pakistan, Sept. 6 -- The war was finally over; or was it? Let me reiterate that this series is a study of Economics, which includes Political Economics. However, Political Economics emerged from the u... Read More

Political Science 14. Wars and political economy. Part II World Wars; the gamechangers

Pakistan, Aug. 30 -- By early 1945, it was clear that the war was all but over. It was merely a matter of time. Both principal opponents, Germany and Japan were on the run. In the Pacific, Gen Macarth... Read More

Wars and political economy. Part II World wars; the gamechangers

Pakistan, Aug. 23 -- On September 1 1939, Hitler blew the whistle and turned loose the Dogs of War. The juggernaut which was reputed to be unstoppable, more than lived up to its expected capabilities.... Read More

Political Science 12. Wars and political economy. Part II World wars; the gamechangers

Pakistan, Aug. 16 -- At the Treaty of Versailles, Germany and the German peoples were humiliated. Exceedingly so. They suffered in silence but, they desperately needed to restore their pride in themse... Read More