Use of 'old script' in a rudderless market

Bangladesh, Jan. 17 -- A small group of 'investors' on Tuesday last took to the streets in the business district of Motijheel protesting the current state of the country's stock market. Such a street... Read More

Making forex bonds popular

Bangladesh, Jan. 13 -- Bangladesh bond market, where the government remains the key player, has been more of a non-entity. The corporate bonds are fewer in numbers and funds against those are generall... Read More

Exploiting country's food production potential

Bangladesh, Jan. 10 -- The content of a report published recently by the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit (FPMU) of the food ministry is enough to arouse both frustration and hope as far as the produ... Read More

The bank interest rate puzzle

Bangladesh, Jan. 6 -- The agreement reached between the finance minister and the banking sector leaders to lower the lending rate to the single digit from April 01 next, if implemented, would fulfil a... Read More

Where ignorance represents misery

Bangladesh, Jan. 3 -- Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has made a candid admission that he fails to understand the reasons for the country's stock market behaving differently in an otherwise buoyant... Read More

Remittance inflow-the silver lining

Bangladesh, Dec. 30 -- The remittance inflow remains to be one of the few silver linings in an otherwise not-so-buoyant economy at the moment. The remittance earnings, according to a report published... Read More

Putting money into black hole?

Bangladesh, Dec. 20 -- Amidst all the indices plunging unabatedly and the daily turnover reaching its lowest level in six months, a move is on to inject yet another large sum of money in the stock mar... Read More

Malaysian B4G and 3D jobs

Bangladesh, Dec. 16 -- Thousands of 'illegal' foreign workers are now leaving Malaysia under an amnesty programme titled B4G (back for good). Nearly 38,000 Bangladeshis, according to a report publish... Read More

Onion, medicine and consumers' woes

Bangladesh, Dec. 13 -- The annual turnover of the country's pharmaceutical industry is now over Tk 200 billion. It may not take a long time for the industry to double its turnover the way the prices o... Read More

Extravagance in power generation

Bangladesh, Dec. 9 -- Some public agencies, apparently, feel that they have the liberty to be extravagant in the matters of utilising public funds. The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) is one... Read More