Moazzem Hossain, the trendsetter

Dhaka, Aug. 4 -- It's COVID time. The world is almost upside down with everything in tatters. All heads, be they holding the rein of families or organisations, are finding it difficult to keep their b... Read More

Connections and rise of monsters

Dhaka, July 9 -- It is all about connections, political or otherwise. The individual who owns the now infamous Regent Hospital has proved himself to be highly crafty in exploiting the same. None is e... Read More

Unpalatable yet essential move

Dhaka, July 5 -- The latest government decision to close down all the state-owned jute mills, unpalatable though, has been long overdue. The decision, undoubtedly, would render thousands of workers jo... Read More

Covid tests, ordeals and the poor

Dhaka, July 2 -- Nearly four months have gone by since the detection of the first case of novel coronavirus in the country on March 08 last. Yet problems concerning the issue of covid-19 tests have no... Read More