Private sector pension: A distant dream?

Bangladesh, Nov. 8 -- It is nothing surprising that more than 40 per cent of the country's 80 million old-age people do not receive any kind of pension benefit. In fact, relevant statistics, presente... Read More

Where ignorance is bliss

Bangladesh, Nov. 4 -- The new Road Transport Act adopted by parliament came into force on the first day of the current month though it was adopted by national parliament 13 months back. The relevant ... Read More

Stock market: An aberration

Bangladesh, Nov. 1 -- The country's economy is growing a healthy rate. Inflation continues to be moderate and within the targeted level. Stock market, however, is an aberration and a constant source o... Read More

Consumers at receiving end

Bangladesh, Oct. 28 -- Consumers have always been at the receiving end in this country. Sellers and providers of essential goods and services do hike prices of their goods and services at will and bot... Read More

Regulator shouldn't overreact

Bangladesh, Oct. 25 -- The dispute between the country's two leading telecom operators---the Grameenphone and the Robi--- and the sector regulator over unpaid 'audit-claims' has lately turned nastier.... Read More

High cost of treatment abroad

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- Around US$4.0 billion flies out of the country as medical expenses annually' screamed the headline of a report published in one of the Bengali contemporaries late last week. Hal... Read More

Big hole in 'capacity payment'

Bangladesh, Oct. 18 -- The amount---more than Taka half a trillion--- is huge. The money was, reportedly, paid to the owners of the private sector power plants during the last 12 years as ' capacity p... Read More

Reshaping technical education regime

Bangladesh, Oct. 14 -- It is hard to get reliable data on unemployment rate in Bangladesh. The official data puts the unemployment rate at around 4.4 per cent. The figure appears too low given the sit... Read More

Troubleshooting using M&A

Bangladesh, Oct. 11 -- Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal recently spoke in favour of liquidation or merger of 'weak and inefficient' non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs). The minister gave his... Read More

Of tainted foreign trips

Bangladesh, Oct. 7 -- A team from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) late last week reportedly conducted a drive in the Medical Education and Family Welfare Division (ME&FWD) of the Ministry of Heal... Read More