'Son of Abish has done wonders for my career'

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Running for a cause

India, Sept. 13 -- The Coronavirus outbreak has indeed tested our values, principles and humanity. And almost everybody has stepped up to come forward and help those who are less fortunate in whatever... Read More

'Theatre has been resilient to challenges'

India, Sept. 6 -- What is Final Solution about? It is a play that I wrote back in 1990. It is about prejudices and our experiences and how we transfer personal resentment on to others. This is what t... Read More

Style Smartly

India, Sept. 6 -- We live in an era of smart technology. Smartphones, smart watches, smart speakers, Smart TVs, smart doorbell, smart switches, smart CCTV cameras, the list of how technology is changi... Read More

'Show with beautiful message'

India, Aug. 30 -- What is your role in Aye Mere Humsafar? I play Pratibha Devi Kothari, a businesswoman who has lost her husband. However, she has to step out of the house to earn in order to bring u... Read More

Freshly brewed coffee @home

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'You can learn from others' struggle but can't escape yours'

India, Aug. 30 -- What is your role in Mafia? I play Ritwik. He is a calm, composed and family-oriented person. He is married to Priyanka; it is an arranged marriage. He is doing well in his life. H... Read More

Redesigning & decoding the rip

India, Aug. 30 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each and every sector. Fashion industry is no exception and has left its mark with every individual. Those who think that the term only denotes cou... Read More

Talktime | 'I played Ravan the way I interpreted him'

India, Aug. 30 -- I used to do plays in my school in Chhapra tehsil in Saran district, Bihar. I prepared for engineering (IIT) but ended by doing BSc but decided to drop MSc since I didn't want to end... Read More

'Indian classical music will survive forever'

India, Aug. 23 -- What is the music video Anand Karo about? The video is about people searching for happiness. Given the present tumultuous times of COVID-19 and people depressed and stressed out, we... Read More