Agreement on sharing pathogen access unlikely at World Health Assembly, may delay pandemic treaty

India, May 29 -- Even after two years of negotiations, countries have not reached a consensus on the finer details of the pandemic agreement The World Health Assembly has its work cut out as it meets... Read More

COVID-19 pandemic erased decade of gains in life expectancy, NCDs deaths on the rise: World Health Statistics Report

India, May 24 -- New Pandemic Agreement important not only to strengthen global health security, but to protect long-term investments in health and promote equity within and between countries Globall... Read More

Food labels misleading, India's new dietary guidelines warn

India, May 9 -- Advisory cautions against 'sugar-free' foods, protein powder; urges consumers to read detailed information on packaging T he recently released dietary guidelines by the Indian Council... Read More

Activists call out FSSAI for increasing permissible level of pesticides in Indian herbs, spices

India, April 24 -- Data for changing the permissible limit should have been provided, they say Much to the outrage of activists and scientists, the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in... Read More

Whooping cough cases outbreak reported around the world

India, April 12 -- China, Australia, Spain among countries with high number of patients with the respiratory infection Whooping cough, a highly contagious respiratory illness also known as pertussis,... Read More

India had over 11% of global hepatitis burden in 2022, with 35.3 million cases

India, April 10 -- WHO's Global Hepatitis Report shows deaths due to hepatitis increased since 2019 India accounted for a significant 11.6 per cent of the world's hepatitis cases in 2022, according t... Read More

Global life expectancy increased by6.2 years in the past three decades: Lancet study

India, April 5 -- COVID-19, however, was a dampener in many countries An overall increase in life expectancy worldwide by 6.2 years was observed by a new study published in The Lancet from 1990 to 20... Read More

WHO launches 'CoViNet' - a global laboratory to monitor emerging coronaviruses

India, March 28 -- Builds on COVID-19 reference laboratory network established during early days of pandemic to confirm disease The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a global network of la... Read More

Occupational heat exposure doubles risk of miscarriages or stillbirths

India, March 22 -- Most heat-exposed workers had urogenital symptoms, which might be associated with pregnancy-related complications The increasing frequency of heatwaves in tropical countries like I... Read More

Unhealthy levels of arsenic in water could exacerbate health concerns when used to boil rice

India, March 21 -- Rice, staple of over half of humanity, already has more arsenic than other grains; washing or boiling it with arsenic-contaminated water poses significant health risks, says study ... Read More