January 26, a National Day or Invasion Day for Australia?

Hyderabad, Jan. 26 -- Australians are ambivalent towards its National Day or Foundation Day which also falls on Jan 26. While Indians celebrate Jan 26, to commemorate the establishment of their Const... Read More

"Lakhon Taare Aasmaan Mein, Ek Magar Dhoonde Na Mila"

Hyderabad, Jan. 25 -- The very popular song "Lakhon Taare Aasmaan Mein, Ek Magar Dhoonde Na Mila" (lakhs of stars are in the sky but not one is found by searching ) from the black and white era film "... Read More

Princess Diana's velvet ball dress likely to fetch over Rs 98 lakh at auction

Hyderabad, Jan. 14 -- One of the most attractive celebrities and an unparalleled fashion icon of the world late Princess Diana Palmer's violet velvet "Ball Dress" is to be auctioned by the internation... Read More

Bharat Jodo Yatra: Warning bell for Modi, political maturing for Rahul

Hyderabad, Jan. 9 -- As any politician knows it takes a twinkle of an eye for the massive majority gathered in elections to disappear. The Congress cannot be written off as a national-level challenge... Read More

IVF earnings to double in five years

Hyderabad, Dec. 29 -- In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has become the most popular method of Artificial Reproduction. Technologies worldwide with IVF services are likely to grow globally from $17.37 billi... Read More

Alzheimer's disease: Why women are more prone?

Hyderabad, Dec. 18 -- Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia. In 2020 there were over 55 million people worldwide living with dementia and by 2050 it is supposed to reach 139 million ... Read More

Uniform Civil Code: BJP firm on its promise

Hyderabad, Dec. 15 -- The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) has been one of the three big ticket items on the agenda of BJP since virtually its inception. The other two being Ram Mandir and Article 370. Two o... Read More

Historic fusion energy breakthrough: A game changer for the world

Hyderabad, Dec. 14 -- The energy of the sun and stars have always fascinated us because it gets its energy from fusion rather than fission, that is combining rather than splitting of atoms. Though we... Read More

Large percent of world's languages endangered

Hyderabad, Dec. 12 -- Nearly 50 percent of languages spoken all over the world today are "endangered" and face the threat of extinction. India is among the top with 197 indigenous languages in peril o... Read More

Who will be chief minister of Himachal Pradesh?

Hyderabad, Dec. 9 -- There are three CM aspirants who are being talked about at present. Ms Pratibha Singh, MP, Sukhwinder Singh and Mukesh Agihotri. Their fate is supposed to be sealed by this evenin... Read More