Sightseeing for the blind

Kathmandu, Jan. 24 -- As Alex T James stood before a white lion statue in Kathmandu Darbar Square, his sighted partner took his hand and guided it across the curves of the lion's belly and the divots ... Read More

A future written in the stars

Kathmandu, Dec. 20 -- Rajendra Joshi, an irrigation engineer by profession but astrologer through sheer curiosity (above), always carries a small panchang astrological chart in his back pocket. The c... Read More

Nepal in 2030

Kathmandu, Dec. 20 -- Ten years ago, at the beginning of the last decade, Nepalis looked forward with optimism to a country with greater connectivity - at least a railway or two, smart cities, more en... Read More

Nepalis open doors to a better life

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- Until recently it was not unusual for women in villages of Kavre to hide when they saw outsiders approaching. Today, they welcome tourists to their homes and are even learning Eng... Read More

The new age of Grammy nominee Manose

Kathmandu, Nov. 29 -- When Manose Newa brings his bansuri flute to his lips, his entire demeanour changes. His shoulders relax and his elbows extend as his fingers move skilfully along the wooden inst... Read More