Opinion | Covid has woken the world up to the threat that China poses

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Opinion | It's okay to get off life's treadmill, let time melt and think of Dali

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Opinion | The bureaucratic muddle that has made a bad scenario worse

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Opinion | When lofty collective notions trample our individual liberty

New Delhi, May 3 -- How important is individual liberty to you? All of us may have to face this question once the covid-19 pandemic is over. For, the one thing that can be predicted with great certain... Read More

Let's not fall prey to conspiracy theories

New Delhi, April 27 -- In the olden days, humans blamed disasters on supernatural forces, or accepted them as God's wrath. Then came the Age of Science, and a significant number of people came to know... Read More

Opinion | The slog overs are here and we need mighty fiscal heaves now

New Delhi, April 19 -- The government has lifted some lockdown restrictions and is allowing certain economic activities from today. Most of the relaxations are aimed at the rural sector, though a few ... Read More

Opinion | Five big ways in which the covid crisis might change us as people

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New rules of business in the post-covid age

New Delhi, April 10 -- Babita Baruah's daily work routine has not changed much since the national lockdown. Except, of course, the fact that she isn't going to office. Every morning, the India head o... Read More

Opinion | The one number that is beyond dispute in the crisis India faces

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Opinion | India's govt machinery needs a few lessons in empathy

New Delhi, March 29 -- I am writing this on the third day of the 21-day national lockdown, and by the time you read this, things on the ground may have improved dramatically. I don't believe this will... Read More