Reading the Act

India, Feb. 4 -- As the unending Delhi-based protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) seem to be heading for face-saving talks, Western media busybodies have rushed to the cause, alleging ... Read More

A new lurking danger

India, Jan. 21 -- Few would have missed the videos of children (under 10 years of age) chanting azadi and abusing the Prime Minister and Home Minister for alleged animosity and evil intent towards one... Read More

Spiralling into incoherence

India, Jan. 7 -- The paroxysms of religious intolerance increasingly engulfing Pakistan and sections of its civil society, not to mention the frenzied anti-India exhortations of its favourite militant... Read More

Historical promises

India, Dec. 24 -- The demonstrations in several cities since the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) are highly coordinated, with agitators connected to groups in different parts of the sam... Read More

Genuine concerns

New Delhi, Dec. 11 -- Controversy over the CAB is focussed on the issues of Bengali Hindus excluded from NRC but the process also eliminates other citizens who have lived in the State for decades If ... Read More

Genuine concerns

India, Dec. 10 -- If there was any doubt about the urgency for India's new citizenship Act, Rachel Avraham, who exposed Rohingya Muslim atrocities against Hindus in Myanmar in 2017, provides it in an ... Read More

Seeds of misfortune

India, Nov. 26 -- Farmers' bodies are concerned that the proposed draft Seeds Bill, 2019, and the Pesticide Management Bill could weaken farmers' rights and increase corporate control over seed, as th... Read More