Environmental Health and Sanitation Bill: The proposed law threatening peaceful rest of the dead

Nairobi, Jan. 6 -- Bodies in cemeteries will be exhumed after a period of six months to pave way for public works, if MPs pass a Bill currently before Parliament. However, the Environmental Health an... Read More

Raila tells State to release Sh87bn capitation funds before schools re-open

Nairobi, Jan. 3 -- Opposition leader Raila Odinga has told the government to release over Sh87 billion he says it owes schools for the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 financial years before the institutions r... Read More

Key Bills that defined National Assembly in 2023

Nairobi, Jan. 1 -- President William Ruto's first Finance Bill, now an Act, three key Bills at the heart of his health sector transformation agenda and the Appropriation Bill, 2023 are among the 18 Bi... Read More

Answering call of nature in public? You risk being jailed for 90 days

Nairobi, Dec. 31 -- Be warned as you prepare to answer that call of nature on public or private land or near a river as you could be jailed for 90 days or fined Sh5,000 or both if MPs pass a Bill curr... Read More

Raila Odinga plots protest movement against President Ruto taxes

Nairobi, Dec. 31 -- Opposition leader Raila Odinga has signalled a new year push to mobilise Kenyans to protest against government excesses, including high taxation, withheld free education cash and c... Read More

Issues Kenyans want Ruto government to address in 2024

Nairobi, Dec. 30 -- The sky-rocketing cost of living has worried Kenyans the most throughout the year, according to a new survey that also lists unemployment, high taxes and worsening poverty as other... Read More

Stringent measures in Bill that seeks to keep environment clean

Nairobi, Dec. 29 -- Hospital owners and operators of food establishments face a fine of up to Sh500,000 for failing to provide adequate mechanisms for waste management and disposal if MPs pass a Bill ... Read More

Why KNH and 20 other agencies face dissolution in law lacuna

Nairobi, Dec. 17 -- Kenyatta National Hospital, Moi Teaching Referral Hospital, Mathari National Teaching and Referral Hospital and the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication are among 22 key parastata... Read More

MPs demand answers over national power outages

Nairobi, Dec. 12 -- A parliamentary committee has written to the two Principal Secretaries in the Ministry of Energy demanding an explanation on the cause of Sunday night's national power blackout. T... Read More

Why male circumcision may soon become mandatory

Nairobi, Dec. 11 -- A draft Bill to be tabled in the National Assembly seeks to make male circumcision mandatory in the country, but under the supervision of trained medical personnel. "Implementing ... Read More