Why King Felipe VI Seeks Closer Ties with King Mohammed VI

Morocco, Feb. 13 -- Washington D.C - Spain's King has arrived in Morocco today for a two-day visit. This is King Felipe VI 's second visit to Morocco since he acceded to the throne in Spain, five year... Read More

Western Sahara: UN and US Should Learn from South Sudan

Morocco, Jan. 31 -- Washington D.C - The United Nations as a whole, and the Security Council in particular, needs to reconsider its approach towards conflict resolution . For many decades, it seems th... Read More

UN Security Council Must Uphold its Resolutions, Hold Polisario Accountable

Morocco, Jan. 9 -- Washington D.C - Polisario has conducted military exercises east of Morocco's defense wall included in the 1991 ceasefire agreement in a flagrant violation of Security Council Resol... Read More

Morocco Should Review Its Lobbying Efforts After New House Draft Bill

Morocco, Jan. 7 -- Washington D.C. - A US House of Representatives draft budget has adopted language that excludes Western Sahara from the US's financial aid to Morocco, signaling a negative shift in ... Read More

With Algeria's PR in Full Swing, Morocco Must Neutralize it

Morocco, Jan. 4 -- Washington D.C - The article portrays the conflict exactly the way Algerians and Polisario love it: Morocco is "occupying" the territory, it "oppresses" the Sahrawis, there is "no f... Read More