Feel the quest to peace

India, April 15 -- Lying there, I was sceptical, truth be told. I was attending a session called Access Bars. Essentially it is a technique which was started by Gary Douglas of over 30 years ago. The ... Read More

'Enhance your features, don't hide them'

India, April 13 -- Mention Bobbi Brown and you know you have the mantra to look the best version of yourself. It is to the credit of the iconic make-up artist, author and former editor that the brand ... Read More

A complex woman

India, April 13 -- Somewhere in the second episode of Delhi Crime , in the aftermath of the brutal December 2012 gang rape, DCP South Vartika Chaturvedi decides to address a press conference to set th... Read More

Crypt tales

India, April 9 -- Whenever one talks about the quest of the secrets of Pharaohs, Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass' name is sure to come to mind. The Egyptologist and former Minister of State for Ant... Read More

Fifty shades of grey

India, April 6 -- Even though you've acted in films like Raman Raghav and Kaalakaandi, it's the web series Made in Heaven that has catapulted you into the limelight. How are you dealing with your chan... Read More

Paradise Lost

India, April 6 -- If I hadn't been nominated for an Oscar or won a few national awards, you would not have been in this car interviewing me," says Ashvin Kumar emphatically. He is on his way to the ai... Read More

Yeh Gaul kahan?

India, March 28 -- Gaulwasi Asterix. A literal translation of Asterix in Gaul , our favourite comic hero is back in Hindi to draw in fans from a cross-section of society that would naturally warm up t... Read More

The 'tallest' short Prime Minister

India, March 26 -- If there was a whodunnit in Indian politics that would require the combined skills of Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock and Sherlock Holmes, Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri's sus... Read More

The meeting point

India, March 23 -- Inherently, music and art are not entertainment," believes Fakhroddin Ghaffari, the Iranian percussionist who performed at the 13th edition of the Holi Moo, a multi-genre festival t... Read More

How they Painted HISTORY

India, March 19 -- One gets a feeling of travelling back in time. The image is familiar, yet it is not, for it has been stripped of any appearance of modernity, including the chaos that becomes normal... Read More