A Crustacean Paradise

India, May 31 -- Dharshan Munidasa is Sri Lanka's most renowned chef, restaurateur and television personality. The Ministry Of Crab, in which he has partnered with Sri Lanka's cricket legends Mahela J... Read More

Real men & their mission

India, May 23 -- Dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans and black rimmed glasses, Raj Kumar Gupta could pass off as just any man in the crowd. Not many might take a second look at him as there is an inh... Read More

A questioning spirit

India, May 20 -- That is one newspaper that we do not get in Mumbai, why is that? asks Arjun Kapoor as soon as I introduce myself. When I get into the details, he immediately pipes in, "Should we star... Read More

She sets her timeline of choices

India, May 18 -- Rakul Preet Singh is fiddling with her ring and it drops off while she is mid-sentence. She picks it up promptly, puts it back on her finger and goes on to say, "I don't wear accessor... Read More

'We are not the others'

India, May 14 -- But you don't look like a Muslim," is a phrase which any liberal follower of Islam can certainly expect to hear at least once, if not several times during the course of her life. If y... Read More

Jim jam

India, May 3 -- There is this air around actor Jim Sarbh which whispers - busy, intense, intelligent and somewhat intimidating. I have been watching him for a while as he sits in the front row of an e... Read More

The perfect ending

India, April 27 -- I was excited, almost giddy-headed, for this was the closest that I got to my Masterchef moment for even though I am an avid follower of the Australian version. I have never met Gar... Read More

The colour purple

India, April 27 -- Mowgli. That is what our school friends called us. During our holidays while they went to hill stations, we were busy visiting National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries where we spent... Read More

An operatic spread

India, April 19 -- I could hear the laughter much before I reached the place. And it seemed to be drifting out wave upon frequent wave. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was standing outside Plum by Ben... Read More

Their own persons

India, April 16 -- They might not share the same level of camaraderie as Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt or even a history like Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt - the other actors in the new film Kalank , wh... Read More