'Act-East policies must be practical and sustainable'

India, Oct. 21 -- * Has the attitude of the Centre changed towards North- Eastern states. Can you elaborate on the difference that you have witnessed as Chief Minister? I just wait for the right mome... Read More

A string of coincidences

India, Oct. 15 -- The moon shines brightly. As brightly as only a full one can. The air, the monuments and the stones lying around are laden with stories of people who passed by them. And the ruins ar... Read More

For you, a thousand times over

India, Oct. 8 -- For bibliophiles, the choice is never a tough one, for they more often than not believe that adaptations of books as TV or web-series, a film or even a play will never match up to the... Read More

Beyond the arc lights

India, Sept. 21 -- Who is the Indian actress who was on the verge of becoming our first global star, ran a production house, discovered some of the best known talent of the time (think thespian Dilip ... Read More

A Thousand Indias

India, Sept. 7 -- The canvas is expansive, not just in terms of the wide angles but the variety of landscape that it covers. But at its heart is a small story - always ready to trigger an emotional ch... Read More

Relativity of an actor

India, Sept. 3 -- E= MC2. Theory of relativity. "When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it's only a minute but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it's two hours. That's ... Read More

Right Balance

India, Aug. 30 -- In India, we do not consider eggs as vegetarian," the words spoken by a much-respected food writer threw Chef Ibrahim Yaman a little off kilter, but just for a moment before he laugh... Read More