Love in the time of war

India, Feb. 15 -- It could not have been more relevant than in the times we live in. This is a very strong indictment of hate while being a powerful message and celebration of love. The latter has to ... Read More

Musical Love Letters

India, Feb. 8 -- Deeply rooted in Indian music traditions, from the age of nine Anoushka studied exclusively under her father and guru, the late Ravi Shankar, and made her professional debut at 13. By... Read More

In touch with yin

India, Feb. 7 -- Petite, feminine, pretty, candy floss - some of the words that come crowding around as soon as we ascend the steps to reach Tera Vita, a new restaurant in Khan Market. Done up in shad... Read More

Rhythm is a dancer

India, Jan. 18 -- He is busy on the phone as he sits at the Triveni Terrace Cafe in the heart of the capital. Dressed in a blue ripped jeans, a striped shirt with a black shawl casually draped across ... Read More

Effervescent Elizabeth

India, Jan. 11 -- Eat Pray Love is a one of a kind book. How difficult was laying your life bare in front of people that you didn't even know? Or maybe, more so, those who supposedly knew you? I'm no... Read More

A sensorial journey

India, Jan. 10 -- The entire experience is sensory - where you eat not just with tongue but as a wholesome experience with your eyes, skin and nose. But the journey at Ophelia, the Mediterranean-Europ... Read More

Singing about the dark times

India, Dec. 30 -- Jab taj uchale jaenge... Jab takht girae jaenge... Iqbal Bano's sonorous voice spirals and echoes. The applause that follows is thunderous so the ghazal singer repeats the line fro... Read More

More than 100 Words

India, Dec. 21 -- I wish I could leave you my love But my heart, is a mess My days they begin with your name And nights end with your breath." ~ Cold/ Mess If, "it's complicated" is a status, the... Read More

Mind before body

India, Dec. 20 -- Dignity and poise, these are the two adjectives that come to mind when one mentions the name Sunny Leone. Adjectives that in our kind of social set-up would never be applicable to so... Read More

For the love of Urdu

India, Dec. 17 -- The fact that the crowds have swelled is obvious even to a casual observer who has been visiting Jashn-e-Rekhta since its second edition. How many of them reached the Major Dhyan Cha... Read More