King Mohammed VI Urges Morocco's Youth to Embrace Vocational Training

Rabat, Aug. 20 -- In his speech for Revolution Day, King Mohammed VI encouraged Moroccan youth not to discount vocational training. The King recommended vocational training as a means to reduce the un... Read More

HRW Breaks Silence on Benchemsi's Arrest, Deportation From Algeria

Rabat, Aug. 20 -- Human Rights Watch (HRW) has finally commented on the "arbitrary" arrest of its leading member Ahmed Benchemsi. On August 9, Algerian security services arrested the Middle East comm... Read More

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor Supports Medical Students Protests

Rabat, Aug. 20 -- International NGO the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has called on the Moroccan government to "respect" the process of medical students. In a press release , published on A... Read More

Khaled Nezzar: Gaid Salah Wants to Eliminate All Opposition Figures

Rabat, Aug. 20 -- Khaled Nezzar, the Former Algerian defense minister has directly attacked Algerian military chief Gaid Salah in a publication he shared in Algerian news outlet Algerie Part . Nezzar... Read More

Algeria Orders Expulsion of HRW's Ahmed Benchemsi

Rabat, Aug. 19 -- An Algerian court has ordered the expulsion of Ahmed Benchemsi, Advocacy and Communications Director for Human Rights Watch (HRW) the Middle East and North Africa division. The cour... Read More

Ivanka Trump Praises Moroccan Efforts in Ensuring Equality in Inheritance

Rabat, Aug. 19 -- Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to US President Donald Trump, has praised Morocco's efforts to ensure equality between Moroccan women and men in terms of inheritance. Trump's dau... Read More

King and People's Revolution Day: Turning Point in Morocco's March to Independence

Rabat, Aug. 19 -- Tomorrow, August 20 marks the 66th anniversary of the King and the People's Revolution Day, a date that carries more than just details of a local history. Morocco marks this date an... Read More

Morocco Ranks 89th in Health Care Index, Comes Last on the List

Rabat, Aug. 19 -- Morocco has ranked a lowly 89th on Health Care Index from the global database website, Numbeo. The ranking listed Morocco last on the list in terms of health care. Venezuela and Ira... Read More

Tanzanian Media: WSJ's Report on Western Sahara Disappoints Polisario

Rabat, Aug. 19 -- The Wall Street Journal's report, analyzing Washington's position on Western Sahara, has resulted in wide international media coverage. Tanzanian newspaper Daily News has commented ... Read More

Moroccan Export of Tomatoes to EU Increased by 10%

Morocco, Aug. 18 -- Spanish news outlet Horto Info has reported that Morocco exported 426,07 million kilograms of tomatoes to the European Union between October 2018 and May 2019. The number represent... Read More