Undermining Stones

Pakistan, June 30 -- Despite being blessed as the fifth largest gemstone reserve, Pakistan has not been able to develop an internationally competitive gems industry so far. Being home to world-recogni... Read More

Him Too Ritchie?

Pakistan, June 9 -- I am a feminist. You may call me radical, but I believe that respecting women is one of the most important things taught by every religion. It is a definite norm for everyone to up... Read More

Open letter to Ajit Kumar Doval

Pakistan, May 28 -- Dear Ajit Kumar Doval. Congratulations for adding Gilgit-Baltistan, which happens to be my beautiful home, in your weather forecast on all media channels in India. I think this was... Read More

Rich Sans conscience

Pakistan, May 5 -- Nothing wakes up the dead. So is the case with a living people with a dead conscience. A dead conscience can only be woken up if one accepts faults and shortcomings with a realizati... Read More

Certain Uncertainity

Pakistan, April 21 -- Corona and its terror seems far from diminishing. Uncertainty remains with no predictive tools working at the moment which may calculate that how far this would go in claiming li... Read More