Despite Brexit uncertainties English will continue as language of business

Mumbai, March 15 -- Arecent World Economic Forum report on the benefits of being multilingual (https://bit.ly/2EX3L3W) pointed out that on the internet, English is still the most commonly used languag... Read More

Titan's success story casts doubts over the conglomerate model

New Delhi, March 8 -- In a $110 billion group, comprising 30 companies scattered across such diverse areas as steel and software, who would have thought that a small watch company would emerge as the ... Read More

Nations don't win wars, companies do

Mumbai, Feb. 22 -- In the aftermath of the tragic killing of at least 40 men of the Central Reserve Police Force at Pulwama, there has been a clamour for some form of reprisal against Pakistan, believ... Read More

NYT's hybrid model shows the way for other legacy businesses

New Delhi, Feb. 15 -- Ultimately, reports of the death of traditional media have turned out to be just fake news. Last week, as The New York Times (NYT) posted buoyant fourth quarter results, the resu... Read More

Business leaders in India will need to speak out on policies, political issues

New Delhi, Feb. 8 -- One called it a "controlled, pump-priming exercise", another dubbed it "well balanced", while many others were more effusive in their praise, with a chief executive officer even c... Read More

Whistleblowers are the newest heroes

India, Feb. 1 -- From Satyendra Dubey to Arvind Gupta, a few brave men and women have over the years striven to expose the stinking caverns within Indian companies even as agencies and executives char... Read More

Oyo, Ola lead third wave of Indian MNCs

Mumbai, Jan. 25 -- The Indian multinational corporation (MNC) Version 3.0 is here and it presents a promising picture. Last week as online tutoring startup Byju's acquired Osmo, a maker of educational... Read More

Ashok Chawla quits as NSE chairman

Mumbai, Jan. 18 -- Ashok Chawla resigned on Friday, 11 January, as chairman of the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE) with immediate effect "in light of recent legal developments", the exchang... Read More

The war within Indian business families

Mumbai, Jan. 18 -- The reported agreement in the Bajaj Group on issues of how the family will jointly own group companies, along with a well-laid-out process for handling matters related to succession... Read More

Companies need more honesty and less hype in their taglines

Mumbai, Jan. 11 -- Peps is an Indian company which sells mattresses. In its ads, it says it is making dreams. Another company, Tathastu, says it is building a limitless future. Vistara urges us to fly... Read More