Automobile imports down 13pc to Rs18.73b

PARSA, April 21 -- The imports of automobile through the Birgunj customs and integrated check post dropped sharply in the first nine months of the current fiscal year and its impact has been reflected... Read More

Fish imports sink 30pc as domestic production swells

PARSA, April 17 -- Fish imports from Birgunj customs point has dropped 30 percent in the first nine months of the current fiscal year largely due to strict enforcement of quarantine rules by Indian au... Read More

Salt Trading pays Rs 50 million to release stranded sugar stock

PARSA, April 15 -- Salt Trading Corporation has released the remaining 2,500 metric tonnes of sugar that had been lying idle at Sirsiya Dry Port following the import restriction imposed by the governm... Read More

Family denied relief for lack of citizenship

SUKHACHAINA (PARSA), April 13 -- Manoj Ram, 30, of Sukhachaina in Birgunj Metropolis-18, who lost his 19-year-old brother Sanoj in the rainstorms of March 31, has not got relief from the government. ... Read More

Rainstorm-affected Dalit settlement in Bara reels under water scarcity

BARA, April 9 -- A Dalit settlement in Hardiya of Bara district has been hit hard by a scarcity of drinking water after hand pumps belonging to 64 families were destroyed in the rainstorm of March 31.... Read More

With no roofs over their heads, villagers forced to sleep under open skies

LAXMI SAH, BARA, April 3 -- Since the deadly rainstorm walloped his home on Sunday, Jaipal Ram has spent the last three nights under the open sky. Jaipal and hundreds of villagers in Parwanipur Rural... Read More

Rainstorm leaves trail of devastation in its wake

Nepal, April 2 -- Families across Parsa and Bara districts spent a long, hungry and cold night under an open sky after a severe rainstorm on Sunday destroyed most of their homes. The homes destroyed ... Read More

Holi was colourless and joyless for families of those martyred during the 2015 Madhes protests

PARSA, March 23 -- Ramjyoti Devi of Jagarnathpur in Birgunj-22, Parsa, did not celebrate Holi this year. In fact, she has not been celebrating the festival since her son died almost four years ago. E... Read More

Majority of e-rickshaw drivers without driving licence in Birgunj

PARSA, March 18 -- A majority of e-rickshaw and auto-rickshaw drivers in Birgunj Metropolitan City have been operating their vehicles without a driving licence. Around 3,000 e-rickshaws and auto-rick... Read More

Three years on, storage sheds at Sirsiya Dry Port still incomplete

PARSA, March 11 -- The construction of storage sheds at Sirsiya Dry Port in Birgunj has still not been completed even though the completion deadline lapsed two years ago. The delay in completing the s... Read More