Absolute Legend plugs his PS4 into an Airport monitor

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Intel's 11th Gen Tiger Lake-U specs apparently leak online

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The Witcher anime movie is coming to Netflix

India, Jan. 23 -- When The Witcher was announced for Netflix, I was a bit sceptical , being a hardcore fan. I got even more so when they announced that Cavill will be playing Geralt . But after watchi... Read More

Ubisoft is offering massive discounts on its Lunar Sale event

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The whole Half-Life series is free on Steam

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Top 5 Witcher 3 mods

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Possible specs for the Nvidia RTX 3000 series leaked

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How to install Witcher 3 mods

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Shashi Tharoor moves a bill to regulate Online Gaming

India, Jan. 16 -- Online gaming is a largely unregulated industry. With all the money involved in online betting and the easy access children have, there are bound to be frauds. It requires regulation... Read More

The Ninja Fortnite Skin is coming soon

India, Jan. 15 -- Tyler 'Ninja' Belvins is nowadays the face of video gaming. He shot to fame streaming Fortnite on Twitch and gained celebrity status when Drake joined him for a streaming session. Si... Read More