The 2023 Grand Cherokee is a multifaceted SUV

Uganda, Nov. 24 -- We are coming to the end of 2022. However, some vehicle manufacturers are not letting the year end without new releases. The latest manufacturer to dance to this tune is 81-year old... Read More

Auris is fuel efficient, stable on the road

Uganda, Nov. 17 -- Doreen Musiimenta I have had my Toyota Auris for three years and it was my first car. As a first time car owner, I wanted a small car with an engine capacity below 1500cc and the A... Read More

Why helmets are a must, and how to know the right one

Uganda, Nov. 10 -- Only one in 20 motorcyclist passengers in Kampala own and regularly use helmets. This is according to a market analysis released three weeks ago by Soland Associated Consults Limite... Read More

Masaba's 1973 Beetle has an air-cooled engine

Uganda, Nov. 3 -- Daniel Masaba's car is a 1973 model blue Volkswagen Beetle that runs on a 1200cc petrol engine. In March, while visiting a farmer in Dokolo District, Masaba noticed a Beetle that had... Read More

The Harrier offers more than comfort

Uganda, Oct. 27 -- Doreen Mirembe I bought my Toyota Harrier 2010 model early this year. Before, I owned a RAV4 but I wanted to upgrade to a more raised car and was torn between a Kia Sportage and th... Read More

The Rush has a small but powerful engine

Uganda, Oct. 20 -- Stella Mujuni I have had my Toyota Rush 2006 model for three years. My particular model runs on a 1500cc petrol engine which is not only affordable to service but also fuel efficie... Read More

The Nissan Leaf comes with less maintenance

Uganda, Oct. 13 -- Driving a fully electric Nissan Leaf 2016 model through the hilly suburb of Naguru, Kampala, was quite an adventure. Cars closer to it are mostly hybrid, use fuel, and at high speed... Read More

Despite having a small engine, the Altezza is a sporty saloon

Uganda, Oct. 6 -- Since 1998 when the first generation of the Toyota Altezza was released, the five-seater saloon has become popular among few motorists as a fast, sporty and reliable car, writes Rola... Read More

The Land Rover Defender Tdci Puma is high on safety

Uganda, Oct. 6 -- George Kawuma drives a Land Rover Defender Tdci, commonly known as the Puma. Introduced in 2007, the Puma originally run on a Ford engine from the family of Ford engines known as Pum... Read More

How to conserve the environment through construction

Uganda, Oct. 5 -- Habitat 854, a project under construction by Aesthetic Developers in Kulambiro, is one example of how one can work with the environment instead of trying to shape it to fit their pla... Read More