Covid cases rise to 21 in Kisoro

Uganda, Nov. 21 -- Kisoro District has registered 21 confirmed Covid-19 cases among Congolese refugees, up from five in a week, authorities have said. The district health and security officials confi... Read More

Court summons Muhabura bishop

Uganda, Nov. 16 -- The High Court in Kampala has summoned Muhabura Diocese Bishop, Rt Rev Cranmer Mugisha, and Church of Uganda to defend themselves in a case challenging the prolonged stay in office ... Read More

5 Covid cases registered among Congo refugees

Uganda, Nov. 15 -- Five Congolese refugees have been isolated at Nyakabande refugee transit camp in Kisoro District after testing positive for Covid-19. The assistant district health officer, Ms Anne... Read More

Monitor's pioneer newspaper vendor in Kabale bows out

Uganda, Nov. 15 -- On Sunday, newspaper vendors in Kabale District rose up early expecting to pick copies from Kabale Media Centre main shop in Kabale Town as had been the routine. But this time, the... Read More

Kisoro screens refugees amid gun smuggling fears

Uganda, Nov. 9 -- The Kisoro District security committee has beefed up security at the border with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to stop the smuggling of illegal items, including guns, into Ugand... Read More

Seven teenagers arrested for staging illegal roadblocks in Kisoro

Uganda, Nov. 4 -- The police in Kisoro District have arrested seven male juveniles for staging illegal roadblocks and robbing local residents of their valuables during night hours in Kisoro District. ... Read More

Refugees decry closure of Kisoro holding centre

Uganda, Nov. 2 -- Hundreds of Congolese refugees have decried the closure of Nyakabande refugee holding centre in Kisoro District, saying it has forced them to trek back to their country yet the secur... Read More

30 dilapidated buildings in Kabale face demolition

Uganda, Oct. 31 -- Authorities in Kabale Municipality have resolved to seek a court order to demolish more than 30 dilapidated buildings on Kabale Main Street after owners refused to adhere to municip... Read More