Doab Dil is a pleasure to flip through and ruminate over, but it is also haphazard and pretentious

Kathmandu, April 6 -- "Doab Dil brings together drawings and text like two converging rivers," claims the book's introductory remark. It informs us, in a poetic, dreamy style, that "The fertile tract ... Read More

Gets under your skin, and stays there

Kathmandu, March 23 -- This is a wretched tale about revolting people. This is also an empathetic account of needful humans. British Author Daisy Johnson's debut novel Everything Under is both of the... Read More

The centre cannot hold

Kathmandu, March 9 -- Forgive us, we sound scattered," says a spirit in Akwaeke Emezi's debut novel, Freshwater. It is as if the book is asking forgiveness for its random and disjointed but wild flas... Read More

Ben Okri writes beautifully but The Freedom Artist has too many loopholes and inconsistencies

Kathmandu, Feb. 23 -- Can a book start a revolution? Ben Okri's The Freedom Artist certainly intends to. The novel is an ardent entreaty to every single person in the world, an appeal to let go of th... Read More

Perumal Murugan's Poonachi is pleasant and heartwarming but its experimentations with satire are muddled

Kathmandu, Feb. 9 -- "A large populace reads your work only as translations. Don't you think this creates a loss of your original text?" This question was put forth to author Perumal Murugan at the re... Read More

The lessons you teach

Kathmandu, Jan. 26 -- Keep your hands visible. Only speak when spoken to. Sixteen-year-old Starr knows these rules by heart. When she was 12, her parents taught her how to deal with cops, because sh... Read More