Climate change pushes boro growers into hardship

Dhaka, Nov. 27 -- Climate change makes hardship for Boro paddy growers in the upcoming season as they are likely to face under surface water shortage as the rainless monsoon pushed Aman growers to irr... Read More

Head-neck cancer hospital needed in the city

Dhaka, Nov. 20 -- Physicians of the National Institute of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT Hospital) at Tejgaon in the capital struggle to render medical treatment to huge number of head, neck and ear cancer... Read More

Diabetic patients on rise alarmingly

Dhaka, Nov. 14 -- Diabetic patients are on surge alarmingly in Bangladesh due to change of lifestyle, the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh said. As per the data of the Diabetic Association, the cou... Read More

Climate change makes jute growers sufferers and losers

Dhaka, Nov. 13 -- Climate change has made jute growers sufferers and losers in Bangladesh. The farmers say that they have sold per 40 kg (equal to one maund) of jute at Tk 3200 to Tk 3500 in last yea... Read More

Malnutrition on rise among poor people

Dhaka, Nov. 3 -- Ranges of malnutrition are widening among the middle income group of people as the price of proteins and foods are hiking to beyond their purchasing capacity. Public health experts s... Read More

Poor people struggling to bear dengue treatment costs

Dhaka, Oct. 27 -- The poor people are struggling to bear the cost of the medical treatment of their family members' attacked with dengue fever. The lower income group of the people said when they fai... Read More

ENT Hospital needs expansion to render ample medical services

Dhaka, Oct. 23 -- About 250 patients come to the National Institute of Ear, Nose And Throat (ENT Hospital) at Tejgaon in the capital, every day. On average 30 to 40 patients seek admission in the hos... Read More

20,000 BD workers in Italy face risks of deportation by Dec

Dhaka, Oct. 21 -- Nearly 20,000 Bangladeshi undocumented migrant workers in Italy are in the risk of repatriation to home by December, sources said. Sources from Diasporas in Italy said that several ... Read More

Kidney patients on rise

Dhaka, Oct. 12 -- Kidney diseases are spreading alarmingly across the country making public health experts worried. Official data showed that about two crore people are suffering from different types... Read More

NCD corners create hopes for thousands of HTN patients

Dhaka, Oct. 9 -- Thousands of hypertension (HTN) patients in rural areas get lights of hope for appearance of non-communicable disease (NCD) corners in different government hospitals and community cli... Read More