Rights groups ask for regulations on acid sale, fast track court trial

PATNA, April 22 -- Reacting over the acid attack over a girl student in Bhagalpur on Friday evening, All India Progressive Women's Association (AIPWA) and many other women's organizations have demande... Read More

Grounded Jet Airways hits Bihar's hospitality industry hard

PATNA, April 19 -- Jet Airways' decision to temporarily suspend all flight operations from Thursday has not only put thousands of its employees in dock, but has also hit the hospitality sector hard, l... Read More

Khuda Bakhsh Library gets director after five years

PATNA, April 19 -- AFTER almost five years of procrastination, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library (KBPL), an Institution of National Importance under the Ministry of culture, in state capital has go... Read More

145-year-old railway terminal of Darbhanga Raj faces 'death' threat

PATNA, April 19 -- Even as World Heritage Day was observed on April 18, the 145-year-old railway terminal of the erstwhile Darbhanga Raj is on the verge of losing its existence altogether. Nargona Te... Read More

Women not allowed in Nalanda temple during Navaratra

PATNA, April 8 -- With the celebrations of Navaratra festival, which has been going on since Saturday, the air all over is rife with the chanting of rhymes and Mantras dedicated to the Mother Goddess,... Read More

Travelling to religious spots in Bihar, Nepal set to become easier

PATNA, April 7 -- Visiting the various places connected to Lord Ram and Sita in the state and also to those located beyond the boundaries of the country in just one day may get easier in the coming da... Read More

Hotel Patliputra Ashok shuts

PATNA, April 3 -- All operations and activities have been stopped at Hotel Patliputra Ashok, an India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) hotel in the state capital from Monday. The Patliputra Ash... Read More

Patna hall faces crisis due to division among management

PATNA, March 28 -- Kalidas Rangalaya of the state capital which was created in the 1970s to promote theatre faces threat over its existence as the people associated with it remain divided into two gro... Read More

Cowries in Lakhisarai: A Chinese connection

PATNA, March 24 -- Amid resentments with China over its domination in retail market in the country and the mood to boycott Chinese goods, experts during an excavation in a Bihar district have found so... Read More

Wall paintings in Patna are encouraging organ donation

PATNA, March 23 -- A few months ago when the government planned wall paintings on the state capital buildings, it was meant mainly to decorate the city and to enhance its beauty. Of late, however, th... Read More