Children at govt homes to get foster families

PATNA, Feb. 23 -- For children staying at various government institutions such as shelter homes, observation homes and after care homes in the state, the state government is preparing to arrange foste... Read More

Govt indifferent to our language, alleges state Bengali Association

PATNA, Feb. 22 -- On the International Mother Language Day on Friday (February 21), Bengalis in the state under the banner of Bihar Bengali Association charged the government of being indifferent to t... Read More

Abandoned girls, women set for better care

PATNA, Feb. 20 -- The state government plans to install sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators for inmates of shelter homes for abandoned girls and women. Vending machines have already bee... Read More

'Khalsa Museum in Patna City will promote religious tourism'

PATNA, Feb. 19 -- To preserve and showcase religious artifacts of Sihk community, the state government is developing Khalsa Museum at Patna city in the state capital at a cost of Rs 5 crore. "Patna C... Read More

Ancient sites vanishing as constructions expand

PATNA, Feb. 17 -- Several ancient sites of the state are facing threat due to the haphazard constructions and increasing encroachment, say historians and experts. "There are over 45 state protected s... Read More

Women activists' body hails verdict

PATNA, Feb. 12 -- Following the life term pronounced by the Delhi court for Brajesh Thakur, main accused in the Muzaffarpur shelter home case, women activists on Tuesday called the verdict a 'good new... Read More

Efforts afoot to protect historical collection at Patna Museum

PATNA, Feb. 9 -- Bihar Puravid Parishad (BPP) and the state unit of National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM), a part of the Ministry of Culture, are jointly going to hold a session in the following week... Read More

Man skips hearing, gets fresh notice

PATNA, Feb. 6 -- The state women's commission has issued a fresh notice to a man who pronounced triple talaq to his wife for not being stylish and fashion conscious in September last year and failed t... Read More

Juveniles to be tried via video-conference

PATNA, Feb. 2 -- In the next few weeks, the children in conflict with law in the state, who have been accommodated at observation homes in different districts, will not have to travel for long hours t... Read More

Coronavirus: Six help desks set up for foreign visitors

PATNA, Feb. 2 -- Following the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, the disease is now making its impact felt in other parts also. Taking steps to prevent the disease, especially in tourists who fre... Read More