A lonely writer who went to world literature

Sri Lanka, July 11 -- If someone considers Sinhala short story writers in Sri Lanka, the first name after Martin Wickramasinghe that comes into mind is G.B. Senanayake. He is the writer who developed ... Read More

K. Jayathilake - Rishi of Kannimahara

Sri Lanka, July 4 -- "Kaluachchigamage Jayatilake, better known to his readers as K. Jayatilaka, can be ranked among the topmost creative writers and intellectuals of today, only second in eminence, i... Read More

I believe in storytelling - Buddhadasa Galappatthy

Sri Lanka, May 17 -- Veteran artiste Buddhadasa Galappatthy's two new books "Jeewana Susuma" (Moaning of Soul), a collection of short stories and "Kavi Mihira" (Enjoyment of Poetry), a volume of liter... Read More

Magical realism is not unfamiliar in Sinhala literature - Mohan Raj Madawala

Sri Lanka, April 25 -- Acclaimed, popular novelist Mohan Raj Madawala's new novel in Sinhala I.D., published by Biso, was launched for the past BMICH book fair, and unlike his other novels it deals wi... Read More