A nudge in the right direction

India, Oct. 19 -- The concept of "nudge", presented by Nobel laureate Richard Thaler, is a relatively subtle policy shift that encourages people to make a decision. It is about making it easier for ci... Read More

COVID-19 calls for resetting targets under SDGs: Health and education needs fresh strategies

Goal 3, Oct. 16 -- The UN-mandated Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. In building this future, it aims to leave no one behin... Read More

How Gandhi 'mainstreamed' peace, sustainability and empathy

India, Oct. 2 -- Instead of just aspiring, some goals critical to humanity can be achieved only by embedding them in our daily thoughts and actions A morally worthy end, according to Mahatma Gandhi, ... Read More

Mainstream some ends as means

India, Oct. 1 -- A morally worthy end, according to Mahatma Gandhi, could be achieved only by adopting morally pure means. He did not agree with those who believed that means were after all means. For... Read More

Understanding Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of ends and means

New Delhi, Oct. 1 -- Unless "mainstreamed" as means, some worthy ends will remain as lofty ideals and their realizations will either be distant or elusive. A morally worthy end, according to Mahatma G... Read More

9/11- A tale of two contrasting events: Is there a lesson learned?

New Delhi, Sept. 10 -- September 11 was the day a Hindu seer, from the most ancient order of monks in the world, unveiled a grand vision of religion before the world. The monk was Swami Vivekananda, t... Read More

Unconventional teachers

India, Sept. 3 -- We have different categories of teachers, depending upon the stages in our lives and the vocations we pursue. So, we have school teachers, lecturers, professors, research guides, tra... Read More

Needed a non-intimidating questioning culture in India

New Delhi, Aug. 23 -- Emanating from curiosity, quest, or doubt, questioning had always been a part of our rich ancient intellectual, theological and philosophical traditions. This tradition is manife... Read More

Education in India finally getting its due

New Delhi, Aug. 7 -- India's new National Education Policy (NEP) unveiled by the government is seen as the most ambitious reforms initiated in recent times. With sweeping changes in pedagogy, teaching... Read More