The essence of colors

Nepal, March 22 -- On most days the district of Dolpa is under a thick coat of snow. To the inhabitants their lives are lived in monocolor. Tenzin Norbu, however, grew up with colors, lots and lots of... Read More

Traveling To Escape

Nepal, March 22 -- Rakshya Shrestha attests to being studious. She did well in school and chose to study mechanical engineering. Although she loves her subject and decided to become an engineer at a v... Read More

Dreams and destinies

Nepal, March 22 -- On March 16, 12 models walked the ramp for a fashion show at St. Xaviers's School in Jawalakhel, Latipur. The event was a part of the Fun Run organized by Higher Ground Nepal in ass... Read More

Taste of Nepal

Nepal, March 15 -- Feast of flavors If you had to eat out, where would you go? What would you choose? Korean, Japanese, or maybe Thai? Nepal's own cuisine isn't an option that most would even conside... Read More

Fierce & fabulous

Nepal, March 8 -- I always believed that people who ended up doing remarkable things have had a life changing moment or episode. But meeting some extraordinary people and talking to them made me reali... Read More

Musicians in the making

Nepal, March 8 -- Singing has, for the most part, been about emulating an artist's song. That's how we all learn to sing. Riding on this, covering songs is a huge affair today. A great number of up an... Read More

Braving it out

Nepal, March 8 -- Living life with a little bit of positivity and a whole lot of courage 80-year-old Thuli Maya Sunuwar is up hours before sunrise and starts work much before many of us have even had... Read More

A crown of responsibilities

Nepal, March 1 -- Life has never been easy for Angel Lama. From struggling to come to terms with her parents' divorce and her mother's illness to being consumed by suicidal thoughts, it's always been ... Read More

Anime brought to life

Nepal, Feb. 22 -- There are hundreds, if not thousands, of compilation videos of dishes and feasts featured on anime on YouTube. Such compilations rack up millions of views and how could they not? Did... Read More

Endeavors of compassion

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- Prativa Khadka celebrated this year's Valentine's Day with the kids of Shree Pragatishil High School in Nuwakot. She didn't bring them chocolates or roses but got them school bags in... Read More