Yoshi's is for those who love to experiment with their food

Pakistan, Aug. 19 -- There is a new 'kid' on the block by the name of Yoshi and just a first glance at their menu it seems to be one of the most ambitious of the new crop of restaurants that have open... Read More

Makotoya - an honest take on Japanese cuisine

Pakistan, Aug. 8 -- Japanese food has largely been synonymous with sushi and teriyaki and beyond that that familiarity and knowledge of the cuisine starts to fade. Which brings me to a deeper questio... Read More

It's Thyme for a change

Pakistan, Aug. 6 -- Many of you might recall Thyme restaurant that was on Zamzama. After nearly closing shop the original owner partnered with the dynamic duo of husband and wife, Aurangzeb and Zoya M... Read More

The Patio strives to be different

Pakistan, July 31 -- Competition in the food scene is so intense that instead of selling all kinds of cuisine, restaurants are specialising in their own little niches, serving a particular brand. It'... Read More

2 Guys 1 Grill - maintenance of quality is its strongest point

Pakistan, July 29 -- In recent years, burger wars have really heated up in Karachi with international chains and an ever growing crop of local brands vying for consumer's taste buds - the winner in al... Read More